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In the following video, Mia McCormick, from KelbyOne, takes a look at the Black and Silver Editions of the GoPro HERO4, as well as the new HERO, to help you determine which camera is right for you. The video highlights unique features of each model, including 4K video recording at 30 and 24 fps, the built-in touchscreen LCD on the Silver Edition, and the all-in-one waterproof design of the HERO. McCormick also mentions some new features found in both HERO4 models, such as the dedicated multi-function menu button and simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The video concludes with a brief look at the MyMyk Sports Myk, which lets you capture clearer voice audio when wearing your GoPro camera. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at BandH.com.




Hi again,

It has been a while since I sent my grandson off to college with a couple of my older working cameras. Now that he has achieved some level of success working for the University's newspaper, I would like to upgrade his equipment, which I will do with some suggestions from you.  I would like to get hem a GoPro camera that will do most anything an up and coming photographer might want to use it to do (he is very creative) and I would also need the appropriate boom mike, tripod and head for that GoPro. So I would ask you for a list of items you would recommend to achieve a good working GoPro setup.

Next would be a recommendation for a nice dslr camera to be used to do still shots including wide angle and telephoto. Also this camera will have the ability to produce quality video to be used to produce various video work on the activities at the University as well as shoot video for misc. work promo videos for personel use.  I have an extensive amount of lenses for my Nikon cameras, which could be used on the dslr that you might recommend. However, if Canon would be you choice for him, then the setup should include the appropriate lenses. I just recently notice that Canon has a new Canon dslr that has a descent price point and that included two lenses (a wide and a telephoto zoom ) that has some good specifications for video.Canon EOS 7D Mark II  ?? . or Nikon 750  or Nikon 810




To receive in-depth advisement on both of these product choices, please email us at [email protected] so we can best assist you.

buen día, el video lo pueden poner en español, gracias

Are the new GoPro Hero4 Silver and Black editions compatible with Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal system on the DJI Phantom 2?

Hi Kevin -

Yes, the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black editions will be compatible with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal system on the DJI Phantom 2.  Be sure to upgrade to all  the latest firmware versions.

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The Hero 4 silver addition seems to be the most useful camera for me. Due to me and many other people not having devices such as a TV that support 4K. So being able to shoot at that resolution is nice but not useful for me. When I shoot video it is usually for dance concerts and school sports so the silver additions slow motion feature would be prooven most useful to me. The color monitor is also nice I'm only affraid it will suck the e batteries dry and I be left with a dead GoPro in the middle of a sports game. 

The magic of 4K is not just having images to be seen on 4K TVs, most people don't have one, instead, is for you to be able to digitally zoom in your footage and still get amazing resolution on your 2K or 1080p TV, don't forget that you are dealing with a fized wide angle lens, from time to time you'll want to get closer to some specific part of your footage.

Looping: lets you continuously record and save only the best moments, which helps to conserve space on your microSD card.  Looping is available only if Protune is turned off. Looping Intervals:  Available intervals are 5, 20, 60 and 120 minutes.  For example, if you select a 5-mins interval, only the previous 5 minutes is saved when you stop recording.  If you record for 5 minutes and do not press the Shutter/Select button to stop recording and save, the camera begins a new 5-minute interval by recording over your previous 5 minutes of footage.  You can also select max video as the interval.  With this option, the camera records until the memory card is full, then overwrites the content. The camera has selectable resolutions up to 4K.  The 4K resolution has 15 fps which kinda jittery when taking video while running or moving but it is very sensitive in "low light" condition.  You can not zoom in and out like an ordinary video camera - you can only pre-select the field of view (wide, normal and narrow) before recording.  The "wide" f-o-v is super wide - the edges of the picture bends.  The camera is very stable - it records very stable picture even when you are running while taking the video, and small enough so you can conceal it.  I bought this because it is easier to carry around and you can take videos without attracting too much attention from the crowd.

This video is elementary, but has some video examples comparing Black and Silver. 

 Check it out.  This is a GREAT place to buy electronics.  I buy all my camera and lens from here


I am seriously thinking about placing a GoPro (Silver) in my vehicle to capture videos when I am on the road.   I already have a camcorder mounted in my vehicle (with night vision capabilities) but it is not a GoPro.  I like having a camcorder capture a recording of any events that may play out.   I watched the informative video on GoPro products and read several reviews.  I am thinking that a GoPro will capture events with sharper detail?  A picture (in this case, video) is worth a thousand words (if you know what I mean).   Has anyone used a GoPro in their vehicle?   And, if so, what is your take on the product for this particular use?

I would think setting up a GoPro everytime you use your car would get tedious after a while and if you have my luck you'll be involved in an accident the one time you were too lazy to set it up. A dedicated dash cam spliced into a 12V source wired through the ignition switch would be my preferred way to go. Plus many are often descreet to thwart theft.

Unless you're one of those liberal, anti police nutjobs who plan on enticing a police response and sue for excessive force only after some 'creative post editing'. Then do what you want and go hit a tree.

Hi Gail -

Reality TV shows and major film productions have been using GoPro cameras in vehicles for years.  Go for it!

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I'm Trying to determine whether the Hero 4 Black or the Silver would be the best choice for me.  I would use the camera while motorcycle touring.  If I mount the camera on the bike the silver offers easy access with the touch screen.  If I mount the camera on my helmet the Black offers access with Bluetooth.  I'm not sure how often access to settings is required while recording?

Very little access to settings is required while recording unless you don't mind killing youself.

I've been using the GoPro on my bicycle for 2 years now and never had to change a setting while riding.

I only turn it on and off to save battery and ignore bad scenery.


POV cameras are pretty much set and forget once you establish veiw angle after some trial and error. WiFi and bluetooth are nice features but you shouldn't use them during an activity and they kill battery life anyway.

Hi Mel -

Settings are rarely accessed during shooting, in my experience.  It is convenient to have the flexibility if the situation arises, however.

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