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Creativity comes in many forms. For some, it’s about turning ideas into art that everyone can enjoy… for others, it’s inventing new solutions to practical challenges on a tight budget. As creative partners to the world, B&H employees thrive on putting their passion into practice every day in service of customers who rely on us for honesty, integrity and expertise. Come see how we nurture imagination at every level, and discover how inspiring a “day at the office” can be.

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Get to Know B&H

Get to Know B&H

Get to Know B&H

The World's Creative Partner

B&H is proud to be a family-owned business built on the pillars of honesty, value, courtesy and education. That’s why we maintain a formal training department to help keep our product specialists (whom other retailers might call salespeople) up to date with the latest technologies and products, so that they can answer every question to customers’ satisfaction.

True Work/Life Balance

Feel free to leave your work, at work. Whatever your role or workspace, we understand the value of recreation, and we don’t expect any personnel to work after hours on a regular basis. B&H is compliant with all state and local protocols to ensure a safe, healthy work environment in our NYC SuperStore, warehouse and corporate offices.

Ample Time Off

How does every Friday afternoon off sound? From a two and a half-day weekend every week for applicable departments to guaranteed spring and fall vacations, when the entire company shuts down, we know that productivity is powered by plenty of time to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Want to work with the best?

Forbes has named B&H Photo one of the USA’s Best Employers, and Newsweek has awarded us Best Customer Service for five years running.

Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service
Great Experience
Great Experience
More Than A Workplace
More Than A Workplace

The B&H Culture

A community of equals: by fostering a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie across all levels of the organization.
Go ahead and play: we understand that working with the world’s greatest gear comes with the temptation to try it out, test and enjoy—and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
At B&H we know how to have fun... and food always lightens the mood with little surprise snacks that come randomly throughout the year.

Real Talk from Real Employees

Hugo D.
I love working at B&H because I have the the freedom to utilize my creative gifts to help make the company grow.
- Hugo D.
Keirra R.
...the opportunities for growth are endless from within and to be appreciated for all your hard work is a great feeling!
- Keirra R.
Melina D.
My coworkers are great because they are helpful and reliable whenever I need them.
- Melina D.
Richard S.
I love working at B&H because of our collective fearlessness... no challenge is too big when we work together.
- Richard S.
Elisha R.
B&H has given me the opportunity to launch and grow projects that add REAL value to customers!
- Elisha R.
Mo R.
I love working at B&H because I get to do something meaningful while using my talents and abilities— I get to be me! 
- Mo R.
Hector C.
I enjoy meeting our customers. Each is their own unique story, and I am happy to help each of them.
- Hector C.
Margalit M.
My coworkers are amazing because they are up for a challenge and interested in growth.
- Margalit M.
Jason S.
B&H is a great work environment, everyone is working together and helping each other out.
- Jason S.


Benefits That Make Life Better

B&H Photo firmly believes that employees are our most precious assets. That's why our benefits package is so comprehensive. Our dedicated Benefits Team helps our staff find the peace of mind and fitness of body necessary to be happy and productive both in and out of work, so we offer many products and services to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As proponents of preventative healthcare and wellness programs, we are constantly on the lookout for creative perks which can improve our employees’ quality of life.

Discover why so many savvy professionals go to B&H for a rewarding, far-from-everyday work experience. Search opportunities and apply today!