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Now, with the B&H Payboo Card, save the equivalent to the sales tax you pay on every purchase shipped to eligible states.

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Frequently Asked Questions

*Subject to credit approval. B&H Payboo Card use is valid for in-store, online or by-phone purchases.

‡B&H Payboo Card tax-equivalent loyalty reward offer is valid on all NYC SuperStore purchases and online and by-phone orders based on customer’s ship-to address, and subject to state eligibility (check here) paid for with the B&H Payboo Card. Any portion of a purchase paid for with another form of payment (e.g., cash, another credit card, or a gift card) in combination with the Payboo Card will not be eligible for the Payboo Card tax-equivalent reward offer. This loyalty reward offer does not apply to purchases of gift cards or other tax exempt purchases. Changing shipping address at checkout may alter the B&H Payboo Card loyalty reward value. B&H reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate this offer at any time.

B&H will collect and remit the requisite state and local sales/use tax on all taxable purchases based on the retail price paid by the customer in jurisdictions where B&H is required to collect and remit sales/use tax. B&H collects and remits sales/use tax in New York for purchases received at our NYC SuperStore, or at the order shipping address for non-NYC SuperStore purchases made in or shipped to jurisdictions where B&H is required to collect and remit sales/use tax. When you pay for your entire B&H purchase with the B&H Payboo Card, B&H will issue a loyalty reward in the form of a credit directly on your purchase order, invoice and/or receipt (i.e. this is not a refund or reimbursement of the sales/use tax paid). The loyalty reward is issued based on the cardholder's purchases paid for with the B&H Payboo Card after collection and remittance of the legally-required sales/use tax in your respective purchase or ship-to jurisdiction in accordance with applicable state and local law.

The tax-equivalent loyalty reward offer is not valid in Alabama, District of Columbia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming. If shipping to these jurisdictions, enter your shipping zip code here to check for available Payboo Card savings.

The tax-equivalent loyalty reward offer is not available on orders shipped to any jurisdiction that does not require B&H to collect and remit state and/or local sales or use tax (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Puerto Rico, as of July 1, 2021).

**On occasion, new account number may require additional applicant information and cannot be used without a physical credit card.

***For new accounts: Purchase APR is 29.99%. Minimum interest charge is $2.

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