Pro-Grade Cameras and Lighting from Arri

Arri specializes in high-grade cameras, lighting, and other equipment for video production professionals. Arri has been in business for over a century and has the distinction of having its signature Arri Alexa cameras used in multiple Oscar-winning films. Whether you need to record movies, stabilize a camcorder, or remotely control a camera lens, you can find great Arri gear for all your projects.

Cine Cameras and Lenses

Arri's cine cameras offer many premium capabilities like 4K recording and 2TB capture drives. Camera bodies come as separate units, as do Arri digital cine lenses. These anamorphic lenses capture vivid, detailed images in large formats and quickly achieve a shallow depth of field. Additional lens control accessories such as follow focus gears and wireless controllers increase precision and functionality.

Light Up the Set with LEDs

Arri produces a variety of energy-efficient LED lighting, including Arri SkyPanels that offer a wide beam spread, produce natural-looking shadows, and allow for accurate rendering of colors. Other Arri lights include hanging LED fresnels, which maintain their brightness in any focus position and give off less heat. For even brighter light with different color rendering, there are Arri tungsten fresnels.

Versatility of Arrilites

Another signature creation from the company is Arri Arrilites. They are easy to maintain and they use faceted reflectors to boost brightness. Other convenient features include compatibility with accessories such as barn doors and scrims as well as easy handling, thanks to heat-dissipating housings and handles that stay cool. These are available individually or with other components in Arri light kits.

Accessorizing Cameras

While lighting is important, it's also helpful to get the most out of your cine camera. Using Arri rigs, handles, gimbal stabilizers, and other accessories, pros can exert more control and get the clear, balanced shots they need.

With numerous products by Arri for film, video, and broadcast professionals, B&H Photo and Video supplies the equipment and Arri LEDs needed to show subjects in vivid color and clarity.