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Using Professional Camera Cases to Keep Gear Safe

Keep your gear safe with camera cases designed for your equipment. Pro photographers need the right professional camcorder cases and backpacks and other camera cases as much as they need the right equipment. High-end gear such as DSLR cameras and shoulder-mounted camcorders are expensive, and often involve delicate lenses and other equipment. Protective cases make sure these devices are in working order once they reach their destination, and shield them from the weather during outdoor shoots.

Camera Case Types

There are many types of camera bags and cases, some even designed to fit specific models from particular manufacturers. Hard cases by brands such as Pelican have cushy foam padding with cut-out slots to precisely fit cameras and prevent them from jostling around while in transit, and to protect against crushing. These also feature lids with gasket seals to keep out moisture and dust. Camera backpacks offer a convenient option for on-the-go photographers with smaller cameras, while professional video monitor and recorder cases provide safe transport for larger devices. Many cases are available for smaller camcorders as well.

Capturing Photos and Footage in the Outdoors

Recording sporting events and other outdoor activities sometimes requires shooting footage or capturing images in wet, rainy weather. For this purpose, protective covers are available that fit over shoulder-mounted professional camcorders, as well as for monitors and recorders, allowing a close-up view of the action while keeping water from damaging the equipment. There are also professional video waterproof cases for storing equipment when not in use during outdoor shoots, or for taking pictures on boats, at the beach, or near pools.

Other Ways to Protect Cameras and Equipment

Besides cases, other useful accessories safely carry photography equipment. Clear pouches hold items such as spare batteries or detachable flashes, while carabiners and straps let photographers release their hold on cameras without dropping them. Divider kits allow for setting up a customized case layout.

Whether you're in search of waterproof camera cases or hard cases to keep your camera gear safe, B&H Photo and Video has the best camera bags, covers, and cases for any application.