Shaping Light with Elinchrom Products

Elinchrom makes products for manipulating and shaping light to meet the needs of film production or photography. It offers a range of flashes to create light, as well as softboxes and other lighting gear to put the focus around the subject for optimal clarity and detail.

Lighting and Flashes

When taking still images of models, Elinchrom AC flash heads such as ring flashes allow them to safely look directly toward the light source. A ring flash mounts to the camera, or can be held by a handle in a position away from the camera for different shot angles. Other types of flash heads come in studio lighting kits, along with battery packs and carrying cases for powering the equipment wherever the shoot happens to be.

Benefits of Softboxes

Softbox lighting kits, as well as individual Elinchrom softboxes, make it easy to control light and brightness levels. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, and with included optional accessories such as fabric grids, diffusers, and deflectors to shape the light to exacting specifications. Softboxes are also useful for directing light at Elinchrom shooting tables and perfectly highlighting and shading still life subjects.

Accessories and Transport

Choosing the right Elinchrom AC pack and head accessories helps ensure equipment function and aids in storage and transportation. Protective caps shield flash tubes and lamps while grid bags offer a convenient place to keep fabric grids between uses. Sync cables enable communication between pieces of equipment and computers. For taking all your equipment on the road or on airplanes, Elinchrom offers rolling cases with room for flash heads and other accessories, as well as waterproof covers to keep out the elements.

B&H Photo and Video has a full line of Elinchrom equipment and accessories for professional and hobbyists alike.