Shopping from the Olympus Store

Olympus has been manufacturing precision imaging devices since 1919 and cameras since 1936. Olympus is a leading innovator of photographic technologies present in many cameras and lenses today, like industry leading image stabilization, dust reduction systems and special lens element designs. At the Olympus store, you'll find a wide selection of mirrorless and digital cameras and accessories, binoculars, voice recording equipment, and more.

Olympus Photography

Olympus has cameras to suit any skill level, whether you're an amateur or professional.

Mirrorless Cameras

The OM-D line of Olympus mirrorless digital cameras is versatile and suitable for all professional needs. Although smaller than the average DSLR, they produce outstanding photos and videos. Compatible with many interchangeable lenses, these premium cameras give you the most photographic freedom.

If you're looking for something more stylish, casual, or compact, the PEN range of Olympus digital cameras may be right for you. Despite focusing more on aesthetic design, these cameras don't compromise on quality as they produce high-resolution photos, and many models can record full 1080p HD videos.

TOUGH Cameras

Olympus TOUGH cameras are a smart choice if you often find yourself in rough terrain, be it in nature or under the water. All Olympus TOUGH series cameras can handle varying situations, including extreme temperatures, falls, and dirt. Thanks to built-in GPS, you'll find your camera if you unknowingly drop it.

Photography Accessories

Olympus also makes a fantastic range of lenses, flashes, cases, and other equipment to take your photographic experience to the next level. For example, if you take photos in or around water, check out underwater housings and related accessories that can take select cameras to depths of nearly 150 feet. Other accessories to consider include:

  • Olympus camera lenses
  • Lens covers and adapters
  • Add-on flashes and accessories
  • Cases and straps
  • Replacement batteries and battery chargers

Voice-Recording Equipment

Olympus digital voice recorders are available for all types of uses, whether you're looking for a simple, everyday recorder for the classroom or office minutes or professional transcription.

Battery life and storage capacity are important factors. Although some recorders have built-in rechargeable batteries, most use replaceable batteries. Many models feature voice balancers or noise-cancellation functions, which are important in noisy or windy environments.

For professional transcribing, additional accessories such as foot-control pedals, headsets, or clip-on microphones can help you get the most of your purchase. For business meetings, an omnidirectional microphone is useful to ensure you capture all crucial details.

Olympus Binoculars

Olympus binoculars and monoculars are great for indoor events or outdoor sightseeing. Many Olympus binoculars feature impressive benefits, such as aspheric lenses to prevent image distortion and prisms for high-contrast colors. If you're planning on using yours in foggy environments or the water, look for a nitrogen-filled model.

B&H Photo and Video's Olympus Store offers a variety of products for all your needs, whether it's photography, transcribing, or sightseeing.