Tascam's Large Product Line

Tascam produces audio equipment for film production, studio recording, and casual listening. Browse Tascam digital recorders, microphones, mixers, and much more.

Digital Recorders

Digital recorders record audio effectively on film sets. Pair your rig with a digital recorder to easily capture high-quality audio in the field. Tascam models feature durable construction and built-in mics for an all-in-one audio recording system with multiple tracks. Digital recorders can be used for recording music, meetings, and during video production. Some recorders can fit directly under a DLSR rig for a single, manageable recording device that is easy to operate.

Setting Up Your Studio With Tascam Equipment

Set up your professional or home studio with Tascam audio interfaces, mics, and mixers.

Tascam Microphones

Tascam offers a series of condenser mics that reduce noise and distortion while providing rich, bright, and full sound quality. Use Tascam microphones to record crystal clear vocal tracks and instruments.

Tascam Audio Interfaces

With Tascam audio interfaces, you can use advanced external sound cards to connect your mics and instruments for even higher sound quality when recording. These devices are ideal for home studios because you can connect the audio interface to your computer, and easily edit tracks with your audio software.

Tascam Mixers

Tascam mixers control the levels of multiple audio tracks and integrate them into one finely tuned finished product. Tascam has a track record of creating top-notch mixers with intuitive controls, versatile connectivity, and durable design.

Tascam Headphones

Whether you're listening to music for fun or working in the studio, Tascam headphones are an excellent way to improve your audio experience. They feature high quality audio, comfortable earcups, and durable gold-plated connectors.