Vehicle Cameras & GPS Tracking

Choosing Vehicle Cameras and GPS Tracking Systems

With their G-sensor technology, vehicle cameras can automatically record and save the view of your vehicle's front windshield. They come in handy for situations like insurance disputes after a car accident. Vehicle backup cameras help you see what's behind you as you back out of a parking space. For fleet businesses, consider investing in GPS vehicle tracking systems to keep tabs on your equipment.

How to Choose a Camera for Your Vehicle

Vehicle cameras come with different features and dash cam accessories to suit all surveillance needs. If you need to monitor your vehicle while it isn't in use, then consider a simple battery-powered camera. It uses its own power when the car isn't in motion, hence, doesn't drain the car's battery over time. For a better front view, choose a camera with a wide field of view of 170 degrees and more. This not only captures virtually everything in front of your camera but also reduces blind zones, providing all-round protection of your vehicle. For public transport vehicles such as cabs, choose camera systems that can also record the passenger compartment for safety purposes. Wireless backup camera systems can ensure there are no obstacles in your path as you back out of a driveway or parking space.

Types of Vehicle GPS Trackers

Satellite-based GPS tracking systems are essential for areas with no cell phone coverage. They use satellite information to give detailed, real-time updates on vehicles' whereabouts, which is crucial if you run a fleet operation. Wireless passive tracking systems allow you to live-track a vehicle's speed and location. For a more user-friendly experience, consider cellular tracking systems, as they use your cellular's internet to transmit vehicle location information. Additionally, you'll want to check out GPS tracking accessories such as adapter cables, magnetic stash boxes, adhesive mounts, and rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

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