Post Production

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Understanding Video Post Production

Post production refers to all that's involved in the film, video, and photography process after you've shot or recorded. Editing music and scores, video footage, or still images are a few examples of post production tasks. Often, post production takes longer than the actual shoot.

What Does Editing Software Do?

Video and audio editing software play a large role in editing, especially in filmmaking. With computer video-editing software, you can manipulate raw footage to achieve specific looks, at home or on a laptop. This software often provides the tools you need to adjust color, brightness, and exposure, trim video segments, and more. Editing software also allows you to create soundtracks and sound effects, or to manipulate specific sound bites. If you're editing audio and film for video post production, consider Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio, which supports both audio and VFX for post-production editing.

Why Use Computer Video Hardware?

In addition to computer editing software, computer hardware, application/editing keyboards, workstations, and controllers can assist with video and film in post production. Hardware such as mini recorders, mini playback devices, and USB capture devices transfer and stream content for editing. There are also special keyboards and controllers to simplify editing with features such as wireless capabilities, search wheels, USB ports, programmable buttons, and a variety of useful keys. For audio editing in post production, tactile drum pad controllers can add various sounds.

Choosing Computers for Post Production

Creative laptops and mobile workstations are popular choices for editing while traveling or working on location. Mobile workstations often feature robust processors and graphics cards, and they sometimes have touchscreens for a convenient user experience. All-in-one computers are another good option, as they often house the displays on the sides of the cases and come packed with everything necessary for post-production editing. If you just need to add parts to your current computer, such as extra memory or new graphics display cards, consider the specs you'll need before making a purchase.