Guitars & Stringed Instruments

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Exploring Guitars and Stringed Instruments

Many people associate some stringed instruments, such as guitars and ukuleles, with folk music rather than with orchestras. Like violins and cellos, these instruments consist of hollow wooden bodies and necks. Unlike their symphony counterparts, the musician plucks or strums the strings rather than running a bow across them. These versatile items suit a range of musical genres.

Choosing Guitars

Although there are many variations within them, there are three main types of guitars.

Classical Acoustic

With wide fretboards and nylon strings that are kind to your fingers, these easy-on-the-budget models are ideal for beginners.

Steel String Acoustic

Available in 6- and 12-string models, these acoustics are hollow-bodied guitars that can work with or without amplifiers.


The electric solid body makes guitar amplifiers necessary, while guitar multi-effects pedals provide a wider range of sounds and effects. You can get these types as either regular or bass guitars.

Ukuleles, Mandolins, and Banjos

Ukuleles, mandolins, and banjos are compact instruments with unique sounds.


Looking like small guitars, ukuleles come in acoustic and electric models. Choose a ukulele for the distinctive sound of its Hawaiian heritage and for its portability.


If you enjoy legato work or playing traditional bluegrass, consider the mandolin. This pear-shaped descendant of the medieval lute has an angled belly that increases the carrying power of its sound.


If your style is jazz or other toe-tapping music, consider a banjo. Banjos generally feature four or five strings, and can vary in the length of their necks and number of frets.

Guitar and Bass Amplifiers and Accessories

If the guitar becomes your instrument of choice, you'll have many options for optimizing your playing experience.

  • Amplifiers and stands
  • Compressor pedals and effects pedals for guitars
  • Bronze, silver, steel alloy, nylon, and electric bass strings, among others
  • Picks
  • Electronics, interfaces, hardware, and software

When it comes to stringed instruments, there's a world of possibilities in the guitar family. Browse B&H Photo and Video to check them out.