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Apple Picking 101: Which Mac Computer is Right for You?

Choosing a Mac Computer

The Apple ecosystem covers everything from slim, lightweight laptops for casual browsing to high-powered desktop solutions that cater to demanding applications. Apple products stand out for their quality and style. There are several distinct Mac product lines, and within each, an excellent choice of processor, memory, and storage options.

Apple Mac Laptops

The MacBook is the smallest laptop, with a 12-inch screen. It has an IPS Retina screen with a pixel density of 2304 x 1440 for a quality media viewing experience. The Apple MacBook Air has a slightly larger 13.3-inch, high-resolution screen. There are several processor, SSD storage, and RAM options. Despite their slim size and light weight, both offer generous battery life and USB-C charging and connectivity.

Desktop Solutions

The re-engineered Apple Mac mini is a full-fledged desktop computer. Despite its compact size, it has numerous connectivity options, powerful processors, and class-leading RAM memory storage. It's also configurable to allow for extra storage, and it has the ability to drive three concurrent displays.

The Apple iMac takes desktop computing to a new level with its slim design that combines powerful processing capabilities inside the monitor housing to create an all-in-one solution. It's available in two screen sizes, and it offers multiple core processors. With its generous hard drive or SSD storage, the iMac is an ideal office workhorse.

Professional Mac Computers

Apple Pro models offer higher specification processors, increased storage capacity, and generous RAM for better overall performance. The MacBook Pro laptop is available with a 13 or 15-inch high-definition Retina display, graphics card, and powerful processors.

The iMac Pro is possibly the most powerful Apple computer, able to handle heavy-duty graphics work, such as HD video editing and graphics design tasks. Additionally, you can specify even more powerful processors, graphics cards, RAM memory, and SSD storage.

The cylindrical Mac Pro offers similar processing capabilities to the iMac. Like the Mac mini, it's a stand-alone desktop computer solution offering users freedom to choose their own monitors and other peripherals.

Peripherals and Accessories from the Mac Store

Integrate Apple laptops into your office network using docking stations that provide Gigabit Ethernet connectivity along with additional ports for larger monitors and other peripherals. Also available are a full range of keyboards, mice, and cable adapters. Keep laptop storage free with a full range of external hard drives, flash storage, and SSDs. Choose the right software for your home and office, including graphics design, accounting, word processing, photo editing, and video production software solutions.