Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Learning About Network Attached Storage & NAS Storage Devices

A network attached storage (NAS) device provides a dedicated storage system connected to an internet network. It makes it easier for authorized users and clients to store and retrieve data from a central location. NAS storage devices are simple to operate, accessible, convenient, and allow for easy data backup. They also provide scalable storage, which makes them a suitable choice for home computer networks and organizations.


Setting Up Network Attached Storage

The quickest way to set up a NAS system is to purchase an already assembled, ready-to-use NAS device. In addition to being relatively compact, off-the-shelf NAS servers feature server software and built-in hard drives so you can have the unit up and running within minutes. Another option is to buy a high-end router with a built-in hard drive. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can build your own storage system by converting an old computer or pairing an unpopulated NAS enclosure with one or more hard drives. Be sure to check the hard drives to ensure they're compatible with the enclosure.


Network Attached Storage as a Personal Cloud System

An NAS works well as a personal cloud storage solution. They combine the convenience of cloud storage with the security of owning the hard drive and all of its data. NAS servers are a suitable choice for small businesses because they provide a convenient, local cloud where workers can store, share, and back up files. Unlike cloud services, they offer a faster, more cost-effective solution for moving large files. If you intend to use your NAS device as a personal cloud, be sure to restrict its access to just your network.

What Type of Connection Options Are Available with NAS Units?

An Ethernet port is a standard feature with most NAS drives. They may also feature one or more USB ports for external storage drives or compatible USB devices, such as printers. Other models offer PCI slots and even HDMI ports that allow for connection to monitors and TVs.

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