Security Cameras

Using Outdoor Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

Your home is your castle, so fortify it with outdoor security cameras for maximum protection against intruders. Before setting up a bulwark, scope out the types of home security cameras to fit your needs.

Surveillance cameras can be passive dummy cameras, interactive such as doorbell cams or two-way wireless cameras, or sturdy installed wired fixtures. Whichever you choose, make sure it fits the overall house design, and holds up to yearly weather changes.

Smart Use of Dummy Security Cameras

To scare off intruders, some homeowners resort to dummy cameras. The devices appear to be operating exterior security cameras but lack the internal mechanisms. Some dummy security cameras include rotating or blinking lights that mimic the eye of a true camera. Their realistic appearance and intimidation effect make these cameras a low-cost protection option.

Reliable and Resilient HD and IP Cameras

A traditional home security camera system uses wired analog and HD cameras that receive power and connectivity from the house through CAT cables. Wired cameras record and store data to an interior DVR or to a physical chip which can be used to show police the identity of intruders. Newer IP cameras use a static IP address for a network connection point for continually monitoring the premises and reporting the closed feed to a network video recorder service, with no need for physical storage inside the house. These webcams usually offer the best picture quality from the farthest distance, and they take clear shots with pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) functions available from multiple angles. Many of these HD cameras also feature sturdy, waterproof glass which resists fog and emits infrared night vision into the surroundings.

Custom Wireless Security Camera Systems

In the last decade, home security systems have evolved from expensive professional setups into a DIY project possible for the average consumer. Homeowners now have the advantage of being able to place battery-operated wireless cameras wherever they want around and inside the house to achieve maximum coverage. These accessible Wi-Fi and wireless cameras can integrate into a wireless IP security network that stores and streams compressed data to connected devices, such as an app or computer browser that shows continuous camera views.

Modern wireless webcams can also adjust the field of motion and discern between the faces of familiar people and those of strangers. If the cameras detects activity outside the defined perimeters, they can send you notifications via the camera app. Many wireless security cameras feature two-way communication, so you can talk to a pet or even a potential burglar.

Designing and implementing a personal home security system provides peace of mind for securing your property. Find out more about practical outdoor security cameras, dummy cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, and IP camera systems that can be part of a security plan, by searching B&H Photo for a wide selection of surveillance camera products.