Smartphone Accessories

All About Phone Accessories

Phone add-ons can provide extra storage for pictures, protect your phone from damage, and charge your battery even when there's no outlet handy. Many mobile phone accessories are as portable as your phone, including mobile cables and adapters.

Types of Power Accessories

Batteries and chargers are essential for keeping your phone charged, whether on the go or in your home. Standard chargers plug into wall outlets and connect to your phone with a cable. If you have multiple devices to charge, a power dock is an ideal solution. Power docks are space-saving units that let you plug in several compatible devices at the same time. If you prefer not to have to plug and unplug your phone whenever you need to top off, consider wireless charging. Like an electric toothbrush, wireless chargers use a magnetic field to transfer power.

For times when your battery is low and you're not near an electrical source, keep a portable charger on hand. Car chargers plug into your vehicle's 12-volt receptacle. If you have no outlet or port, charge your phone with an external battery. Charge one of these before you leave home, and it will give you a convenient refill source when your battery runs low.

Choosing a Cell Phone Case

A phone case is critical for protecting your phone screen from shattering. It can also prevent scratches, dents, and dust. The most common materials for cases are plastic, polyurethane, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber. For strong protection against damage from drops and scratches, choose a polycarbonate or carbon fiber case. If you prefer a case that you can customize, plastic and polyurethane are ideal.

MicroSD Card

Keep your media organized with microSD cards. These tiny mobile accessories give you a lot of memory in minimal space, significantly increasing the amount of data your phone can store. Pick the size of your card based on what you save on your phone.

Whether you want a Bluetooth speakerphone, a smartphone mount, or a simple cable, the wide variety of cell phone accessories at B&H Photo will help you stay in touch at home or on the road.