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Vivitar 10x25 Digital Camera Binocular

Vivitar 10x25 Digital Camera Binocular

B&H # VI10X25DC MFR # VIV-CV-1025V-TRU

Key Features

  • Roof Prisms
  • Coated lenses
  • Center Focus
  • 16 MB SDRAM Internal Memory
In Stock
Vivitar 12x25 Digital Camera Binocular

Vivitar 12x25 Digital Camera Binocular

B&H # VI12X25D MFR # VIV-CV-1225V

Key Features

  • Roof Prisms
  • Coated Lenses
  • Center Focus
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
In Stock


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Choosing Binoculars with Cameras

Binoculars with cameras combine the properties of both binoculars and a digital camera into one compact unit. Camera binoculars enable you to both view and capture perfect video or photos in high definition.

Whether you're interested in bird-watching, stargazing, sports photography, hunting, or wildlife photography, a digital camera binocular is the best device that'll let you both view and film your subjects. Just like some microscopes, many digital camera binoculars come with an expandable SD card slot that stores your captured images and videos. You can easily download images and videos to your PC later on.

Important Digital Camera Binocular Features to Consider

If you want to look at the best binoculars with cameras, consider a number of important features, including the following.

  • Camera with at least 5MP for crisp results
  • Magnification power of at least 10x for far-away viewing
  • Camera with the closest focus you deem necessary
  • Tripod adapter for convenience in the field
  • Memory expansion slot to ensure you can save all your footage
  • Coated lens for protection
  • Instant video replay to save portions of your shot

Benefits of Using Digital Camera Binoculars

When a digital camera just can't get close enough, a pair of digital camera binoculars allows you to not only magnify but also capture an image or video of exactly what you see through the device. Camera binoculars offer instant replay videos that'll allow you to save the last 5 to 60 seconds of whatever you're viewing. Unlike telescopes, digital camera binoculars have dedicated digital camera lenses.

Uses for Digital Camera Binoculars

The uses for digital camera binoculars are seemingly limitless:

  • Digital photo binoculars are perfect for bird spotting, while also allowing you to take high-quality photographs in numerous other situations
  • The best choice for creating memories of live action sports events
  • By connecting a USB cable from the camera to your computer or television, you can use the digital binoculars as the perfect tool for surveillance jobs
  • Some camera binoculars include the cutting-edge thermal optics technology of night and thermal vision optics, which is ideal for watching stars, comets, and other distant objects in the night sky
  • Camera binoculars are one of the most important requirements for wildlife photography, bringing you magnified views of the subjects while allowing you to remain at a safe distance
  • Camera binoculars are also great for spotting game while hunting

Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a sports action photographer, or you've taken up stargazing, B&H Photo and Video's wide selection of camera binoculars will take your passion to the next level.