Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9 (Windows, DVD with Download Code)

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9 (Windows, DVD with Download Code)
Key Features
  • Includes PaintShop Pro 2021
  • Includes WinZip Secure Burn 5
  • Advanced Photo & Video Editing Options
  • Burn, Copy & Author CD, DVD & Blu-Ray
Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9 takes the standard Creator NXT 9 software and adds in several extras, including PaintShop Pro 2021, which is an advanced photo editing and graphics suite, PhotoMirage Express, which is a photo animation software, and WinZip Secure Burn 5 for encryption and secure disc burning. Video editing power is likewise increased with the addition of Audio Ducking, paint effect filters, 360 video conversion, and more.
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Roxio Creator NXT 9 Pro Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2General Features
  • 3Included Extras
  • 4What's New in Roxio Creator NXT 9?
  • 5Get Creative
  • 6Video
  • 7Music: Rip, Mix, Burn, and Share
  • 8Photo Editing and Creative Design
  • 9Burn, Copy, and Organize

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9 takes the standard Creator NXT 9 software and adds in several extras, including PaintShop Pro 2021, which is an advanced photo editing and graphics suite, PhotoMirage Express, which is a photo animation software, and WinZip Secure Burn 5 for encryption and secure disc burning. Video editing power is likewise increased with the addition of Audio Ducking, paint effect filters, 360 video conversion, and more.

Users will also be able to burn, copy, and author CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, capture and edit videos, photos, and audio, record the screen with MultiCam Capture, create smart slideshows and movies, and clean up their hard drive with Roxio Genie utility software. Audio users will also be able to work with noise reduction, time stretching, pitch scaling, and multi-channel mixing. Features new to this version include converting media into popular formats with the file converter, creating custom DVD menus with the Template Designer, and help documentation that may be accessed online, all in one place.

Please note that this software includes a physical DVD and an installation code. The code can be used to install the software from the DVD or download it. Users will be able to use the code to choose one method of delivery, but not both.

Working with Blu-ray media requires the purchase of a separate plug-in from within the software. Also, this software does not capture, copy, or rip copyrighted or protected media.
General Features
Capture video and audio from your PC, discs, or older devices. Enjoy advanced options to record your screen and video from multiple cameras simultaneously with MultiCam Capture. NXT Pro is loaded with advanced photo, video, and audio editing as well as graphic design and photo animation tools, so you can make all your media look and sound its best.
Organize & Convert
Convert audio and video to popular file formats for easy upload to YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites to stay connected with your audience. Save projects to share via your favorite devices or burn them to discs.
Get industry-leading drag-and-drop tools to copy or burn your media. Create audio CDs or custom DVDs. Author DVDs with customizable menus, templates, and disc labelling options to give your media polished packaging. Secure and encrypt your files with protective tools available in Creator NXT Pro 9.
Premium Extras
Enjoy valuable extras and more creativity. Secure your files with encryption using WinZip Secure Burn 5 and enjoy even more photo editing power with new PhotoMirage Express and Corel PaintShop Pro 2021.
Included Extras
Encryption and Security Burning
With the added power of WinZip Secure Burn 5 encryption, secure your files on CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, or USB in both Mac- and Windows-compatible formats. Protect data and control your settings with powerful encryption and password protection for secure sharing.
VideoWave Editor
Edit and create HD videos with VideoWave video editing software. Explore powerful creative possibilities to enhance your next video.
Roxio MyDVD
Turn your videos into professional-looking discs with 100+ themed templates, easily combine multiple movies onto one disc, and organize them with customizable menus.
MultiCam Capture
From software training to unboxing videos, capture completely synced video and audio from multiple devices that's ready to edit at the click of a button.
Corel AfterShot 3
Uncover the photographer's secret to time-saving photo editing. Edit and manage your photos, and even apply effects to a single image or batch of images.
Roxio Genie
Organize your hard drive and identify long-forgotten, duplicate, or unnecessary files. Easily manage, delete, move, or upload files to the cloud.
Home Movie Playback
Experience and show off your completed video projects with cinematic quality on the biggest screens in your home with Corel WinDVD Lite.
Photo and Graphics Software
Instantly correct imperfections and enhance your photos, create impressive graphic designs, and bring your ideas to life with Corel PaintShop Pro 2021.
Photo Animation
Create mesmerizing photo animations in minutes with PhotoMirage Express. Transform any image into a captivating animation to engage, inspire, and transfix your audience.
What's New in Roxio Creator NXT 9?
Customize Your Menus with the Template Designer
Customize DVD menu templates, or create your own brand new ones with the new Template Designer, now available in MyDVD. Control the appearance and structure of your menus, including the style and placement of thumbnails and titles, the number of chapters displayed per page, and the visual appearance of frames and icons. Adjust the menus and submenus of your media projects to perfectly express your creative vision and match your personal preferences.
Convert Media on the Fly with File Converter
With this easy-to-use tool, quickly convert your videos, images, and audio between different popular formats. Even convert from video to audio, or target specific profiles for your favorite devices. This simplified conversion option makes it more convenient to share your media across different devices and online platforms.
Easily Access Help Documentation Online, All in One Place
To make it easier to find the information you need, Roxio Creator NXT 9's Help documentation is available online all in one place, with an index and a powerful search function to get you to the exact section you're looking for. Easily access the Roxio Creator user guide as well as "how to" tutorials to streamline your workflow and make your projects even better.
PaintShop Pro 2021
Go beyond the photo editing capabilities of Roxio Creator NXT 9 with Pro, and enjoy a complete set of professional image editing tools in the newly included Corel PaintShop Pro 2021.
  • Crop, straighten, edit, and fix any image quickly, remove small scratches, erase entire backgrounds, and explore fun filters and effects to achieve a signature look for every photo.
  • Work with intuitive text, brushes, textures, patterns, drawing, and painting tools to produce inspiring designs.
  • Explore smart tools for photo adjustments, graphic design projects, and photo compositions. The cutting-edge features and tools powered by AI make creating something truly original, achievable.
  • With this updated version, easily remove artifacts and unwanted brightness and color variation in JPEGs, restore the fine detail and original colors of images, reverse distortion effects, and even replicate famous artistic styles with personal photos.
  • Get Creative
    Edit, Enhance, and Improve
    Enjoy a fast and powerful multimedia suite for creative transformations of your digital media.
    Easy and Versatile Video Editing
    Edit and create HD videos with VideoWave, the enhanced video editing software. Add video filters, titles, scrolling credits, or create picture-in-picture effects. Rotate video with one click, trim video or auto-adjust color, brightness, and contrast.
    Capture Video
    Capture video and other media files from discs, older devices, or old format files. Whatever the source, if you can see or hear it, you can capture it.
    Enhance Video with Music
    VideoWave video editing software gives you access to the ScoreFitter music library, offering a wide variety of original, royalty-free songs and effects to enhance the mood of your movies. ScoreFitter automatically adjusts the track to match the length of your movie.
    Visual Options: Split-Screen Videos, Tracking Motion, and Transparency
    Show multiple videos simultaneously with templates or custom designs. Create a superimposed effect or custom fade transitions and easily layer tracks. Track, label, or blur out an object with easy-to-use Motion Tracking tools. Have fun with the Green Screen tool to travel to exotic locations without leaving home.
    Transform 360 Video to Standard Video
    Convert 360 video for playback on standard devices and control what angle your audience sees. Convert Equirectangular, double fisheye, and single fisheye footage.
    Convert and Share
    Convert your media to popular formats for easy playback on your favorite devices, sharing, or uploading to online platforms.
    Audio Ducking
    Balance dialog and narration with background sound for pro-quality audio. Use Audio Ducking to detect audio or voiceover and automatically dial down the volume of the background sound. Adjust the Ducking Level and Sensitivity for even more control.
    Paint Video Filters
    Paint the town and transform your next video into a storybook-like motion animation. Drag and drop filters to add cartoon or watercolor-like stylized effects and create the next big animation.
    MultiCam Capture
    Plug in your cameras, record your screen, and capture video from multiple devices simultaneously. Stream your connected devices in one place and even adjust the camera's image to calibrate the color and brightness of each feed.
    MultiCam Editor
    Work with footage from two cameras to create more dynamic videos. The Multi-Camera video editor lets you align clips automatically with Audio Syncing, and easily view, edit, and switch camera angles to tell your story.
  • Create engaging videos by recording from multiple angles
  • Bring footage together in the MultiCam Editor
  • Make your project perfect and share with your audience on YouTube or other media platforms
  • Music: Rip, Mix, Burn, and Share
    Create Audio CDs
    Create music playlists for any occasion and burn audio CDs for your next road trip. And, to keep everybody dancing, Creator's beat-matching feature will automatically synchronize the rhythm to transition seamlessly from song to song.
    Capture Audio
    Capture audio from the web or older devices, a camcorder, even a YouTube video. Simply extract it, then quickly edit the file, trim unwanted parts, and save it into a format that you can play on your iPhone or other portable player.
    Edit Audio
    Improve sound quality, change clip duration or the pitch of your audio, even modify voices and encode audio to use your entire sound system with advanced audio editing tools like noise reduction, time stretching, and pitch scaling. Use multi-channel mixing to enable a more immersive listening experience.
    Preserve Old LPs and Tapes
    Digitize your classic analog LPs and cassette tapes and even clean up pops and hissing. Convert sound to your preferred format and enjoy on your favorite device. Creator even identifies your audio and adds title, artist, and genre information to your audio files automatically.
    Photo Editing and Creative Design
    Edit Your Photos
    Edit multiple images at the same time. Easily make adjustments and quick fixes: remove red eye, erase wrinkles and blemishes, and correct color and brightness. Manage even very large photo collections with Corel AfterShot 3. Batch processing lets you apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once for dramatically faster photo processing.
    Restore Photos
    Restore old photos and easily remove scratches and dust from a photo, adjust exposure, crop ragged edges, straighten a photo, and adjust color. Create mind-blowing panoramas through "stitching" your photos together.
    Create Slideshows and Movies
    Easily create slideshows, collages, greeting cards, and more with Corel FastFlick. Save to your PC, print to share with friends and family, or prepare videos for upload to social media platforms. Leverage artificial intelligence and facial recognition to automatically create slideshows and movies using your best shots and clips-all with Highlight Reel.
    PhotoMirage Express Photo Animation Software
    Blur the line between photo and video with images that twist, twirl, and flow. Let the magic of PhotoMirage effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes.

    Drag and drop Motion Arrows in the direction you would like your image to move, and plot Anchor Points around the areas you would like to remain static. Bring it all together with a preview and watch your photo come to life!

    Whether you want to boost social engagement, drive results on the web, or simply have fun with photos, PhotoMirage is your key to creating awe-inspiring photo animations that captivate, engage, and transfix.
    Corel PaintShop Pro 2021: Photo Editing and Graphics Suite
    Finesse your photos and create striking graphic design projects with the easy-to-use tools in PaintShop Pro 2021. Seamlessly remove unwanted elements from photos and easily crop, straighten, retouch, and enhance images. Get creative with brushes, textures, layers, and drawing tools. The intuitive interface guides you and the built-in training tools makes learning easy.
    Burn, Copy, and Organize
    Burn with Confidence
    Drag and drop directly from your desktop and easily burn single or multiple CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs simultaneously. To make multiple DVD copies, or to archive your DVD productions, consider outputting an ISO image file to your hard drive.
    Copy, Burn CDs, and Rip Music from CDs
    Easily create a copy of your CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and USB drives. Whatever the original disc is, Creator NXT can copy it. You may also copy and convert discs to digital files to play back on your favorite devices.
    Author DVD Discs
    Elevate your videos to professional-looking discs with Roxio MyDVD, complete with 100+ original templates, customizable menus and chapters, and a robust music library. Creatively customize existing menu templates, or even create your own with the Template Designer. Combine multiple movies onto one disc with an updated interface to make it simple yet polished. Even create your own Blu-ray discs (non-DRM) for home videos and personal projects.
    Label Discs
    Create labels for your discs and make your favorite music CDs and DVD movie compilations easily recognizable and chic-looking.
    Home DVD Playback
    Play back your home videos with theater-like surround sound on your PC with WinDVD Lite. With a range of format supports and smooth playback, enjoy your personal videos with crystal clear audio and stunning picture, including support for 4K video.

    Please note that WinDVD Lite does not play back commercial DVDs
    Secure Your Data
    With WinZip Secure Burn 5, use banking-level encryption technology to secure your data and burn to disc or save to USB with drag-and-drop controls. Encrypt data on disc or USB-even view activity logs to keep track of what you burn and when. Control passwords and encryption settings and set up a master password to encrypt and decrypt data.
    Back Up and Archive Your Files
    With Roxio BackOnTrack 4, easily backup your files to CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, or your network drive. Schedule unattended backups or do it manually. Or, easily archive your files with Roxio AVCHD Archive. Maximize disc space with up to 4 hours of DVD video on a single disc.
    Keep Your Hard Drive Organized and Clean
    Organize your hard drive and reclaim speed and space. Reveal the distribution of files and identify duplicate or unnecessary files. Quickly rename a number of files based on a set of rules you define. Easily manage, delete, move, or upload files to the cloud with Roxio Genie utility software.
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    Roxio Creator NXT 9 Pro Specs

    Key Specs
    Delivery Format
    DVD, Card with Download Activation Code
    OS Compatibility
    Windows 10 or Later
    Delivery Format
    DVD, Card with Download Activation Code
    System Requirements
    OS Compatibility
    Windows 10 or Later
    Memory Requirement
    1 GB (2 GB Recommended)
    Storage Requirement
    4 GB
    CPU Requirement
    1.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 and Faster or 
    2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 and Faster or 
    Display Resolution Requirement
    1024 x 768
    Supported Languages
    Internet Connection Required
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight
    0.175 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
    7.5 x 5.3 x 0.6"

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