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The Blue Blackout Spark SL: A Black Blue Mic that Won’t Leave You Blue


With their eye-catching aesthetics and clean, detailed sound, Blue’s microphones have been a respected part of the pro audio world since 1995. In a previous announcement, we had shed some light on the company’s Spark SL microphone, but now the company is issuing a new take on the mic—the Blackout Spark SL—so we here at B&H think it’s time to revisit this plucky project-studio microphone.

Suitable for voice-over work, singing, game-casting, podcasting, and even instrument-miking, this large diaphragm condenser gives you a switchable high-pass filter at 100 Hz and a -20 dB pad. That way, neither loud, blaring noises nor low, resonant hum should be an issue; simply engage the switch and the pad, and you’re good to go.

The Blackout Spark SL’s class-A circuitry ensures a pure signal path, while its JFET design, constructed to keep the capsule’s back plate evenly charged, delivers a consistently even response across the mic’s 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range.

This mic offers a cardioid polar pattern to minimize the extraneous capturing of off-axis signal in your recordings. This is a condenser, so it will require 48V phantom power, but that’s easily accessed from your USB audio interface. A custom shockmount is included, as is a storage box fashioned of wood. With all these features, and all these includes, this microphone is sure to make a welcome addition to your project studio—or give your game-casting sound the boost it needs. So, head to our website—or our SuperStore—and check one out for yourself!