B&H Introduces the Payboo Card, so You Can Save the Tax

You pay the tax, we pay you back. Instantly.

B&H continues its mission to put customers first, with the launch of the Payboo Credit Card. B&H will apply an instant reward to the customer’s order when they use Payboo, equal to the sales tax the customer paid.

Until recently, most online retailers were not required to collect and remit sales tax on out-of-state sales. However, in June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could require out-of-state sellers to collect sales tax on such transactions. Many states have already implemented this ruling, and experts predict that most remaining states will adopt this ruling. To eliminate the burden from our customers, B&H created the Payboo Card. With this card, all eligible customers using the card on B&H purchases will receive an instant savings equal to the sales tax on the entire order.

Save the Tax

Don't worry—all sales tax will be collected and remitted in accordance to state sales tax laws and regulations. There is no need for individuals to track or file anything  separately. When an order is placed, the total merchandise and taxes are charged, but B&H will instantly issue and apply the reward to the order. Customers will see this benefit immediately in their shopping cart online or on their bill if they are shopping in the B&H SuperStore. When customers pay their Payboo bill during the grace period (a typical credit card grace period), they incur no interest cost on the credit card.

This is a B&H exclusive benefit and the Payboo Card is only available for use at B&H via our website, mobile app, in the New York City SuperStore, or by phone. There is no limit to the rewards, the instant benefit will be applied without any upper limit, and there is no annual fee. It is intended solely for individual customers, since it is a personal credit card.

By offering this benefit through Synchrony Bank, with a revolving credit limit, B&H hopes to provide the greatest possible benefit we can to our customers. Furthermore, by keeping it simple and instant with no expiring points, credits, or coupons, we are ensuring customers can easily get what they need without worry.

If you want to start saving the tax today, please visit the B&H Payboo Card website to learn more and to apply, or stop by the B&H SuperStore, where a Sales Associate can help you sign up.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of this new program!