Fourteen Festive Items to Keep Your Holiday Party Hot

Most of the content on Explora is “evergreen”—that is, applicable to any time of the year. But this article is “evergreen” in a different way: the situation we’re describing often revolves around an evergreen tree, decked out and mounted in someone’s living room. It also can involve any number of symbols, ecumenical or otherwise. Whatever your iconography, that time of year is upon us again, so say goodbye to crispy fall weather and hello to ugly sweater parties.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: New Products from Akai, M-Audio and Alesis

This year at NAMM, three industry heavyweights released full product lines of fresh gear. Akai, M-Audio and Alesis have all come forth with new and interesting products for 2013, ranging from a tiny 2-channel USB interface to full-featured electronic drum sets and microphones.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: The Future of Live Sound

As Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and wireless technology continue to advance independently, manufacturers are striving to design products integrating a symbiosis of both. This was a clear theme among live-sound products being introduced this year at NAMM. Go Digital or Go Home!

The B&H Guitar Effects Pedal Buying Guide

If you’re not completely satisfied with the clean, unprocessed sound coming from your guitar and you want to experiment with and modify or color that sound, a great way to tweak it is with effects pedals, also called “stompboxes.”


Holiday 2012: Electronic Drum Kits from Alesis, Roland & Yamaha

This holiday article takes a look at some of the most popular electronic drum kits from three of the most widely respected electronic drum kit manufacturers—Alesis, Roland and Yamaha. These nine kits cover everything from the most affordable beginner kits up through high-end professional kits.

Drum Machines: A Brief History

Camcorder Roundup

Consumers have more choices in camcorders than ever before, and some of them seem downright professional with features sets that are packed to the rafters. Canon’s VIXIA HF G10 Flash Memory Camcorder shoots 1920 x 1080 high definition video, and you can choose frame rates of 60i, 30p or 24p for a cinematic look and feel.

Electronic Drum Kits Roundup

Beginner, amateur and pro drummers all share the same dilemma: no one, not even their closest family members and friends, wants to hear them banging away, loudly practicing their chops. Thankfully, these musicians have the option of using electronic drums.


iPad and iPod Recording Accessories

You’re probably aware that Apple’s iPad, iPod touch and iPhone have zillions of uses. Were you also aware that there are oodles of accessories for these things that enable you to harness their power for your recording studio? 

First Impressions of the iPad-Friendly Alesis iO Dock

If you’re a musician or a producer who uses (or is considering using) an Apple iPad in your creative process, one of the most interesting accessories out there for recording and performing music is the Alesis iO Dock.

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