Hands-On Review: the Fun and Productive 9.7-Inch Apple iPad Pro

I love my iPad Mini, I love my iPad Mini, I love my iPad Mini. I have to repeat things like this to myself every time I get ready to test-drive something new. This helps me to remember that it's OK to flirt with other devices—not only is it my job to try new stuff (best job ever), but my 1st-generation iPad Mini has been serving me quite admirably over the past three years and, frankly, it works just fine. Thankfully, my aging iPad still receives updates from the Mothership—although that may be ending soon with iOS 10—and it runs pretty fluidly in the process.

Apple WWDC Event

Apple fans wait all year for the WWDC event, where Apple traditionally rolls out the latest and greatest from the big brain set in Cupertino, California. With 5,000 attendees for the sold out event from over 74 countries, and 13 million developers (with two million added in the last year alone), this is the 27th year for the Apple WWDC, and they did not disappoint, talking about the Mac, iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple Watch: Photography

With the Apple Watch you can view your favorite photos anytime, anywhere. The pre-installed Apple Camera Remote allows iPhone photographers to use the Watch as a live viewfinder and shutter trigger to take an instant or timed photo. Once you’ve lined up the perfect shot, share your photos with friends, family, and coworkers with just a few simple taps.

Apple Watch: Travel

Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring a brand-new place, your Apple Watch acts as your own personal travel companion. The Maps app’s real-time navigation guides you around new places with a gentle haptic tap on your wrist, so you can spend more time exploring and less time looking at your phone.

Apple Watch: Personalize

With more than 10,000 apps and a nearly infinite number of ways to wear, the best thing about Apple Watch is that everyone can use it in their own unique way. The Apple Watch app for iOS lets you arrange your app layout any way you wish, placing commonly used apps near the center and similar apps near each other. You can also control which apps notify your Watch, set canned text replies, and even change its orientation from left-handed to right-handed.

Apple Watch: Siri

If you’re an iPhone or iPad fan, you know Siri as your faithful iOS virtual assistant. She helps you send messages, book tickets, look up sports scores, update your calendar, and so much more. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that she can be found on Apple Watch, too. Just press the Digital Crown or say, “Hey, Siri” before telling her what you need.

Apple Watch: Style

Your Watch is an expression of yourself and can be configured to reflect your lifestyle, personal style, and mood. The Watch Sport’s sleek aluminum body can be ordered in silver, gold, rose gold, and Space Gray, while the Watch is available in polished or black stainless steel. Two sizes let you find the right Watch for your particular wrist.

Apple Watch: Productivity

The Apple Watch is designed to streamline your everyday life and make you more productive. Instant notifications delivered directly to your Watch let you stay updated without interrupting your focus or breaking your stride. Tools like calculator, calendar, and translation apps put the productive power of iOS at your fingertips. You can even transcribe texts while you’re on the go, saving you time from having to stop and type.

Apple Watch: Music

The Apple Watch gives you plenty of options when it comes to listening to your music. Thanks to its built-in memory, you can store your favorite tracks right to the watch and listen using Bluetooth headphones—no iPhone required for playback. Another option is to use Apple Watch in conjunction with your iPhone to select the tune you want and control playback and volume, even with wired headphones.

Apple Watch: Health

Apple Watch helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle by tracking your activity and heart-rate data. Using a three-ring system that lights up to show you your daily progress, the Watch motivates you to be more active and reach your fitness goals. A built-in heart-rate monitor allows you to stay on top of your cardiovascular activity, and sophisticated motion sensors give you a better understanding of how you move.


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