Tech Gifts for Non-Techy People

What does Billy like? Would Sue use this? What do we get for Grandma? The questions we can ask ourselves are endless, and suddenly gift shopping turns into quite the nightmare. Probably the hardest task of all is getting that person to cherish and use the gift you got them—for it to have a lasting impact and make their lives better. For the tech-lovers out there, there’s nothing wrong with getting or giving more gadgets, but what is Grandma supposed to with a Linux-based system or a Blackmagic Design 4K studio camera?

The 7 Best Laptops of 2016 by Usage

It seems as though, every year, we make a pitch for what we think the seven best laptops of the year are—but every year, it gets harder and harder to write an article like this. Why? The answer is a definitive, “I have no idea.” First of all, the laptop industry has taken its fair share of lumps recently, and like younger siblings who can’t help showing off, tablets are more portable and far more powerful than they used to be.

Apple Pay Now Available on B&H Mobile

Here at B&H Photo, we're happy to announce that Apple Pay is now available on our mobile website. When you visit our mobile site in the Safari browser, you’ll have the option of checking out with Apple Pay. Simply set up your Apple Pay account on your compatible device beforehand, and you’ll be ready to shop with just a simple touch.

Top Tech of 2016

The last couple of months of any given year are kind of an announcement dead zone.

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pros and Apple TV Enhancements

Just in Case: Apple Cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Hands-On Review: the Fun and Productive 9.7-Inch Apple iPad Pro

I love my iPad Mini, I love my iPad Mini, I love my iPad Mini. I have to repeat things like this to myself every time I get ready to test-drive something new. This helps me to remember that it's OK to flirt with other devices—not only is it my job to try new stuff (best job ever), but my 1st-generation iPad Mini has been serving me quite admirably over the past three years and, frankly, it works just fine. Thankfully, my aging iPad still receives updates from the Mothership—although that may be ending soon with iOS 10—and it runs pretty fluidly in the process.

Apple WWDC Event

Apple fans wait all year for the WWDC event, where Apple traditionally rolls out the latest and greatest from the big brain set in Cupertino, California. With 5,000 attendees for the sold out event from over 74 countries, and 13 million developers (with two million added in the last year alone), this is the 27th year for the Apple WWDC, and they did not disappoint, talking about the Mac, iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple Watch: Photography

With the Apple Watch you can view your favorite photos anytime, anywhere. The pre-installed Apple Camera Remote allows iPhone photographers to use the Watch as a live viewfinder and shutter trigger to take an instant or timed photo. Once you’ve lined up the perfect shot, share your photos with friends, family, and coworkers with just a few simple taps.

Apple Watch: Travel

Real-time navigation with GPS guides your journeys with a gentle buzz on your wrist, so you can spend more time exploring and less time looking at your phone.


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