New Fostex TH-900 mk2: Detachable Connectors and Wider Dynamic Range

Guide to the Next Generation of Hi-Fi Stereo Systems

B&H Wedding Guide: Putting an iPhone to Work

No matter whom you invite to your wedding, it’s almost guaranteed that at least one—if not several—Apple iPhones will show up. Since your friends and family will be snapping photos and shooting video of your big day with the world’s most notorious smartphone, you may want to consider outfitting them with some accessories so they can capture better-looking results.

Holiday 2012: Eye-Catching Earphones

When you need a pair of sunglasses, you don’t just walk into a store and purchase the very first pair you lay your hands on. Like eyewear, earphones are accessories that are worn directly on your head. Their design can dramatically impact your overall visual appearance, and so, just like eyewear, earphones are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.


Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

Hands On with the Fostex DC-R302 Mixer/Recorder for HDSLR Video

A clever new piece of equipment is available that corrects all of the shortcomings of HDSLR audio, in a single compact, camera-mountable box. The Fostex DC-R302 is a three-channel field mixer, with a two-channel high-resolution audio recorder built in.

Cool Gift Ideas for iPhone Users

There’s a sea of iPhone accessories available, but how many of them end up in the hands of people who love photography, video and pro audio? The right iPhone accessory could prove to be the ultimate holiday gift. 


Turn Up Your Volume with the Fostex PC-100USB

If you use your computer as the primary playback device for listening to music, the new Fostex PC-100USB will not only make controlling the volume fast and easy, but it will improve the overall sound quality of your system.

Make iPhone 4 Videos Sound Great with the Fostex AR-4i

The new Fostex AR-4i offers a complete solution for improving the sound quality of the high-definition videos that are shot on Apple’s wildly popular iPhone 4. You slide an iPhone 4 into the cradle of the AR-4i, and it gives you multiple microphone inputs, line-level inputs, level meters and improved A/D converters which enable the phone to capture pristine sound quality.

The Fostex AR-4i Makes iPhones Sound as Good as They Look

The iPhone 4 is a revolutionary device that’s capable of recording impressive looking, high-definition video (especially considering that it’s a telephone). But there’s one thing that the iPhone doesn’t have an app for: providing a way to improve the sound quality of its built-in mono microphone.

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