Gear Recommendations from the B&H Sales Staff

Nothing beats a spirited chat with a B&H sales associate to awaken your inner gear hound and make you feel like a kid in a candy store. With a depth and breadth of knowledge extending to every facet of our product offerings, B&H sales pros are equally valued for their passion for practical solutions that help you get the most from your purchase.

We interviewed several staff members about their top gear picks while sourcing quotes for the inside front cover of our popular catalog. Included below are some of their favorite products.

Top Memory Cards for Photo and Video Recording

It’s safe to say that in today’s predominantly digital world, memory cards have overtaken film as the primary recording media for consumer and professional photo and video use. As much as analog cameras were designed to work with a specific film format, such as 35mm or 120 roll film, or large-format sheet film, digital cameras are likewise built to work with one or two specific memory card formats.

Imaging USA 2015: Eyecups, Card Readers, and LCD Loupes from Hoodman

From the show floor of Imaging USA, Larry Becker, of KelbyOne Media, speaks with a Hoodman representative about several new, mirrorless-focused products expected to be released in April. The first is an Eyecup that fits the viewfinders of both the Sony A7 series cameras, as well as their DSLR models. Two sizes are available—large and small. Next is a dongle-style USB 3.0 card reader with dedicated slots for SD and microSD form factor cards. Finally, a new HoodLoupe, which features a bracket optimized for the slimmer profiles of mirrorless cameras.


Quick Card Readers: What You Need to Know

Card readers? Really? It might come as a surprise that these are worthy of an article, but we'd ask you to keep an open mind. You can transfer data quickly from SD, CompactFlash (CF) or XQD cards with USB-equipped memory card readers. Some even help you speed up your photography workflow by enabling simultaneous transfers from multiple cards.

Holiday 2012: Great Design Awards

Compact Support Solutions: Compact Stabilizers, Rigs and Mounts for Your DSLR, Camcorder or Action Camera

When you're shooting with DSLRs or camcorders and you want more mobility than that afforded by tripods, bean bags and the like, stabilizer and rig systems of the handheld, shoulder and cage variety really come in handy. 

How to Use Your HDSLR System Optimally for Video

Off the cuff, one might think there are few, if any, differences between packing a DSLR system and an HDSLR system, but once you look beyond the basics, i.e. the camera bodies, lenses and tripod (the legs, but not necessarily the head), the differences start adding up.

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