K-Tek Stingray Bags Keep Your Audio Rig Organized

K-Tek KSTG70 Stingray Bag: Luxury Ride for the Tascam DR-70D & DR-701D Recorders

The New K-Tek Stingray Audio Bag for the Sound Devices 633

The utilitarian features of your sound recording bag are as important as the performance of the equipment it contains. The value of your investment in microphones, wireless systems, mixers, and recorders is diminished if the kit bag isn’t functional or comfortable to wear for an entire day’s work. It’s worthwhile to invest in a bag that protects and optimizes the functionality of your equipment.

On-Camera Microphones from Sennheiser

One basic way to improve the sound quality of a video camera is to utilize an external, on-camera microphone. The microphone that’s built into your camera is typically of low quality and usually picks up lots of handling noise. An external microphone can provide better overall sound quality.

Holiday 2012: Recording Audio for Video Productions

When it comes to production sound for film or an original series, quality audio capture is imperative. Bad audio can ruin the experience for everyday viewers and critics alike. In this article, we’ll discuss the elements of an effective and ultra-portable sound recording rig.

How to Use Your HDSLR System Optimally for Video

Off the cuff, one might think there are few, if any, differences between packing a DSLR system and an HDSLR system, but once you look beyond the basics, i.e. the camera bodies, lenses and tripod (the legs, but not necessarily the head), the differences start adding up.

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