TSA-Friendly: Fly Through Security with Kensington SecureTrek

Preparing for a meeting or presentation can be exhausting, and after going through your mental list of things to bring, you suddenly realize that you wish you had a better bag to store your belongings. Like most people, you’ve probably got one bag for clothes, one bag for your notebook and peripherals, and another bag for everything else.

Connect All Your Gear Quickly with Kensington USB-C Docks

CE Week 2016: Lenovo Computers, Monitors, and Cases

Split into two sections, the Lenovo booth displayed products for work and play. We were immediately drawn toward the subtle glow and stylish designs of the company’s gaming systems. The Ideacentre Y900 was running a first-person shooter game hooked up to Lenovo’s Y27g monitor. Equipped with G-Sync technology, the Y27g also has a curved, Full HD display that supports up to a 144 Hz refresh rate.

How Kensington Trackballs Enhance Video-Editing Workflows

Seeing laptops and other portable computers everywhere occasionally raises the question, “Is there a future for desktop computing?” While I’m sure many people possessing greater intellect than I have probed that topic to depths that I can’t even imagine, desktop computing is, for the moment, still thriving in the world of professional content creation. For precise and powerful computing, nothing really bests a desktop computer.

How to Prepare a Killer Presentation with Kensington Solutions

There are many things that people legitimately fear—death, disease, clowns—and those fears can limit us, debilitate us, or make us fall short of achieving our true potential. But some fears can be overcome, and one of those fears, one which affects many more people than you think, is the fear of having to pitch or present an idea to a group of people—the fear of not being able to come up with a killer presentation.

The Advantages of Using Kensington Trackballs for Audio

If you’re a professional engineer, chances are you already have some experience using a trackball with Pro Tools or another DAW. As the preferred method of travel in many commercial studios and post facilities, the trackball gives engineers some key advantages in navigating their sessions, versus using a traditional mouse. In the paragraphs below we’ll explore some these advantages, and look at some trackballs from Kensington.

10 Gadgets You Didn't Think You'd Need for College but Really Do

There are a few things I wish I had in college that would have made life a little easier to handle. Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, as Ariel crooned, and whozits and whatsits galore. Actually, I’ve braided my hair with a fork, so I’m with you, sister. But if I had some of the items from this list of gadgets, I would probably have enjoyed life a little more back then (and honestly, probably failed some classes). If you’re about to enter the hallowed halls of college, consider taking some of these items along.

1. Sony Digital Paper System

B&H Wedding Guide: On-Location Digital Workflow Hardware

While most photographers will concentrate on shooting the event they’ve been hired for, it can be beneficial to have a computer and other equipment on hand to back up your photos, squeeze in some editing and even make a quick slideshow that can be shown at the event.

The Kensington Proximo System Makes Your Valuables Unforgettable

“Every 3.5 seconds, a mobile phone is lost or stolen.” So states the website of Kensington, an industry leader when it comes to electronic-device security. They are responsible for the Kensington Lock Slot, as well as a wide range of security lock cables for a variety of electronics, from laptops and tablets to projectors and copy machines.

Holiday 2012: Gadgets for Vehicles

It would be best if people willingly turned off and put away their personal electronic devices when they got into a car, but most folks routinely ride in vehicles with their handheld gadgets in hand, hurriedly multitasking as they barrel down the highway. Thankfully, there are numerous accessories available at B&H that succeed in getting these devices out of people’s hands.


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