Connect All Your Gear Quickly with Kensington USB-C Docks


Did you just get a new notebook with a USB Type-C port? Are you now scratching your head, wondering how you’re going to access your existing peripherals, such as printers, scanners, monitors, and other much-needed devices? Relax—Kensington has you covered with three USB-C docking stations that connect using the versatile USB Type-C connector. Kensington now offers the SD1500 mobile dock, which is about the size of an optical mouse, an SD4500 universal dock with a plethora of connectors, and an SD4600P docking station that can also charge your notebook, thanks to a 60W USB Type-C port.

Since the SD1500 mobile dock only weighs 3.5 ounces and comes equipped with an integrated 3.5" USB Type-C cable that wraps into the housing of the dock, taking your docking station to work doesn’t have to be a hassle. The SD1500 lets you connect basic gear to your notebook by offering one Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 port, VGA, and HDMI port.

Having to connect all your peripherals separately when you arrive at home or work can be annoying. Thankfully, you can leave all your devices connected to the Kensington SD4500 USB-C universal dock and have access to multiple gadgets by connecting one cable to your computer. The SD4500 dock is well suited to build a complete desktop setup instantly with access to four USB devices and two displays, as well as a headset and an Ethernet cable connected to your network. Outputting 4K visuals to projectors and large-screen TVs can be accomplished utilizing the onboard DisplayPort and HDMI ports. The four USB ports sport one USB Type-C interface for daisy-chaining with other USB-C devices and three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, letting you access backup storage drives, mice, and other standard USB devices. Aside from transferring data, one of the three USB 3.0 ports supports USB fast charging of up to 2.1A, so you may charge a smartphone or tablet. 

The SD4600P USB-C universal dock comes outfitted with the same conveniences as the SD4500; however, it delivers up to 60W of power for charging your USB Type-C notebook. For notebooks such as the 2015 MacBook that recharges via the USB Type-C port, this critical feature saves you the trouble of disconnecting the dock to recharge your system. All three of the docking stations offer Plug-n-Play connectivity and support Thunderbolt 3 technology. Moreover, the SD4500 and SD4600P can be attached to the back of a monitor with an optional mounting kit and come equipped with a Kensington slot, offering a convenient way to attach a separately sold cable lock.