Anita Kram Explores the Magic of Nature with Lensbaby Lenses

Anita Kram has an eye for detail. This is hardly surprising, given her work as a scientist in the fields of cell biology and microscopy, yet it is a trait that serves her equally well as an avid photographer who loves to explore the magic of nature.

She spent many years photographing with a standard macro lens, but felt creatively stuck by the lack of atmosphere she could achieve with her regular gear. Then she discovered Lensbaby, and realized that these specialty lenses would allow her to dial-in just the right effects to bring out her vision.

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Creative Lens Effects That Add to Your Story

Cinematography, videography, photography: ultimately, it is about showing something in a way that hasn’t been seen before. How you achieve this is a combination of framing, exposure, and post effects. It is the Digital Age—you can create just about any effect you want if you have the time, tools, talent, and software, of course. You can also hire someone to pull it off for you. While either of those options are valid, as you probably know, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so the focus of this article will be practical lens effects and what they bring to your project.

The Hows and Whys of Cinema versus Photography Lenses

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Lensbaby Deluxe Mobile Lens Kit Now Available for iPhone 7

Camera-accessory guru Lensbaby has released a new edition of its Deluxe Creative Mobile Lens Kit, this time for the iPhone 7. This collection of three lenses helps you modify your photos with all-glass optics to preserve image quality while adding dramatic effects. The LM-10 and LM-20 are Sweet Spot lenses, which create blur around an area of selective focus. The LM-10 has more blur and a smaller sweet spot, while the LM-20 has a larger sweet spot and a smaller area of blur.

Lensbaby Introduces New Kit for Creative Portraits

If you are craving a new look or style for your images, Lensbaby has always been the brand to consider. Now, the company is helping those looking to capture unique portraits with the release of the Creative Portrait Kit for Canon EF and Nikon F.

10 Tips and Tricks for Photographing Holiday Lights and Candles

Besides getting awesome gifts from your B&H wish list, one of the best parts of the holiday season is the beautiful lights and candles that seem to decorate every neighborhood, shopping area, and home.

As stunning as some lights are to see, they can be even more fun to photograph. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your captures of holiday lights.

Perfect Lens Pairings

One lens can’t always do the trick, and sometimes three lenses is a bit too many to stuff in your bag. Luckily, if you plan well, a pair of quality lenses can often accomplish all you need, and then some. Here are some recommendations for lens pairings that may help you flesh out your lens collection, or decide what to bring on your next shoot.

The Best Waterproof Cameras for Swimming and Diving

Almost three-quarters of our world’s surface is covered by water, which means there is no shortage of amazing places one can go for swimming and underwater photography—year-round, in some cases. The Channel Islands in Southern California, Bonaire in the Caribbean, and Raja Ampat in Indonesia, are among the best places on earth to photograph coral reefs; the last of these is home to a spectacularly diverse population of sea life, including more than 537 corals, 700 types of mollusks, and 1,000 species of fish, as well as the pygmy seahorse and blue-ringed octopus.

Hands-On Review: The Lensbaby Trio 28

Are you a fan of Lensbaby lenses but not a fan of carrying a lot of different lenses with you when you head out to make photographs? The Lensbaby Trio 28 might be just what you did not know you have been dreaming of. The Trio 28 is a single optical housing that contains three different 28mm lenses for the Lensbaby aficionado—the Velvet, Sweet, and a new Petzval-like lens, the Twist.


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