Optics & Creative Filter Systems

Lensbaby makes award-winning, one-of-a-kind DSLR & mirrorless camera lenses, optics and accessories for photographers who need to create images that stand out.


Lensbaby lenses and optics allow photographers to creatively manipulate depth of field in camera. The Composer series of lenses tilt to move a spot or slice of focus around the frame. Our non-tilting lenses, including Velvet 56 and 85, Burnside 35, Twist 60 and Trio 28, create in-camera effects simply through their optical design. Most of our lenses focus close, offering creative macro applications as well.


Fueled by the desire to inject an organic, film-like look into digital imagery, professional photographer Craig Strong founded Lensbaby in Portland, Oregon in 2004. Since that day, Lensbaby has inspired and challenged photographers on their journey to finding their unique, visual voice.