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The Importance of a Good Camera Lens 

A good camera lens has a major impact on the quality of your photos. It gives even the most basic cameras the ability of producing great images. There are several important components to consider when shopping for a lens, including zoom capability, aperture size, focal length, quality of the glass, and more.  If you’re still exclusively using the lens that came with your camera and want to improve your photography, it may be time to find out what other lenses can do for you.  


Which lens is right for me?

It depends on what you’re shooting. Some common subjects include panoramas, skyscapes, interiors, landscapes, portraits, sports and action, wildlife, and astronomy. Different subjects require different lenses. One helpful aspect to consider is focal length. Focal length is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus. Generally speaking, close-up shooting requires lenses with shorter focal lengths, and distance shooting requires lenses with longer focal lengths.


Here are various applications, and the lenses most ideally suited for them:


·         For wide panoramas and skyscapes—an ultra-wide angle (fisheye) lens with a focal length range between 8mm – 24mm

·         For interiors, architecture, and landscapes—a standard wide angle lens with a focal length range between 24mm – 35mm

·         For general purpose shooting—a standard lens with a focal length range between 35mm – 85mm lens (50mm is the most common)

·         For portraits and candid shooting—a short telephoto lens with a focal length range between 85mm – 135mm

·         For close sports and action—a medium telephoto lens with a focal length range between 135mm – 300mm

·         For wildlife, far sports, and astronomy—a super telephoto lens with a focal length above 300mm


It’s not uncommon for versatile photographers to own multiple lenses. Check out Explora’s Purchasing Your Next Lens article for more information.

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