Little Routers: Linksys VELOP Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Linksys waited until 2017 to announce its entry into the Whole Home Wi-Fi arena and the company intends to use its networking expertise to blanket your entire home with seamless, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi coverage. Mesh networking has been around for quite some time, and most people understand it as Wi-Fi coverage for your entire home using what has become known as network nodes (or little routers). With some home mesh network systems, the signal can degrade as you expand your system by adding additional nodes.

CES 2017: 10 Things We Thought Were Cool at CES

It would be an exercise in futility to try and cover everything at CES. The show is enormous, with thousands of exhibitors showing off their products to the roving hordes of guests, retailer representatives, and media folks. Sure, some of the products at the show are, well, questionable, but plenty of others represent the future of the consumer electronics industry. Here, in no particular order, are some of the standouts.

CES 2017: Linksys Enters the Mesh Networking Wi-Fi Arena

As more and more devices compete for the coveted home Wi-Fi connection, it becomes necessary to implement a mesh network solution. From tablets to smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, game consoles, appliances, and even smart home devices, more and more devices rely on a fast reliable network connection to provide us with the everyday conveniences we have come to know and love. The Amazon Alexa can even integrate voice commands with Velop.

Maximize Your Wi-Fi: Linksys EA9500 and Next-Gen MU-MIMO USB Adapter

Wow-Fi: How to Get the Strongest Signal You Can at Home

Ten years ago, getting a steady Wi-Fi signal at home was almost unheard of. People were using routers with hardwired connections rather than trust the fleeting and often flaky connection that most communications providers were offering. It wasn’t until Netflix really started to push the streaming of movies into homes that Wi-Fi became a huge concern.


Holiday 2012: Home Networking

This holiday season, many people are out and about buying new Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, televisions, music players and more. Many more are buying laptops, tablets and desktop PCs, all with wired and wireless capabilities. Then these people are going home, unboxing their purchases, and waiting patiently for the wireless fairy to come down and connect everything.

Holiday 2012: TV Essentials

No matter how smart the set, the TV will be challenged to deliver the most effective entertainment experience to you unless it is accompanied by a cadre of accoutrements—some useful, others essential.


Meet the Modern Family of Home Routers from Linksys

Look no further than the room where people are placing their in-home network routers to tell how they’re using them. According to a study recently released by TDG Research, in 2006 some 39.2 percent of owners reported they put the router in a home office while only 18.4 percent put one in the living room. 

Add a Hard-Wired Ethernet Port to Any Room in Minutes

Wireless Router Roundup

If local area networks (LANs) were like plumbing, then Ethernet cables would be the pipes and routers the valve switchers. But data bits have a huge advantage over fluids. They don't require conduits to flow through your home or office to still be useful. 


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