Gearing Up for an FDNY Photo Shoot

If you are about to go on location and shoot portraits, action, and groups, read this B&H Explora article about the photo gear you need to pack to be prepared.

Video Gear for the Young Filmmaker

If you have a young filmmaker in your life and you are looking for some way to connect with them, then this is the article for you. From big to small, inexpensive to “it’s more than I paid for my first new car!” this article will briefly touch upon practical and fun gear for young filmmakers, beginning and experienced. 

While you may be concerned that gear-buying is a very personal decision (and that is a valid concern), if the young filmmaker is starting from scratch, no worries—and if they already have gear, then there will be plenty to choose from that is camera agnostic.

How to Pack So You Don’t Break Your Back

When you’re packing your gear to travel out into the field, you should always ask yourself one question: Do I really need to give myself a hernia? Even though the answer is always “no,” it’s important to remind yourself not to make your freight heavier than it needs to be.

Everyone Can Use a Little Rock N Roller

I've always had trouble with the term "dolly." It's just far too wimpy of a word for a tool that enables you to move 500 pounds of equipment with ease. I've always gravitated toward the term "hand truck." The manufacturer Multicart went one step further by naming their dolly products "Rock N Rollers." It doesn't matter if you're a photographer, videographer, a lighting tech or an audio nerd; a good cart will improve your quality of life.

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