SanDisk Launches the World's First 1TB SD Card

With the increasing demands of high-resolution and capacity-intensive applications, such as 4K, 8K, 360° video, virtual reality, and video surveillance, professional photographers, videographers, and media creators will welcome SanDisk’s new 1TB SDXC Memory Card with open arms.

Building Your Own Synology NAS Storage Solution

At its most basic, a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) is a single or multi-bay system that is able to share files among multiple systems, whether over a wired or wireless network connection. While most NAS devices are used largely for storage and sharing files, their capabilities stretch far beyond.

Top Memory Cards for Photo and Video Recording

It’s safe to say that in today’s predominantly digital world, memory cards have overtaken film as the primary recording media for consumer and professional photo and video use. However, once you’ve established which memory card format is compatible with your camera, such as CompactFlash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), XQD, or CFast, how does one go about choosing from the available models that each card format offers?

Guide to Portable Hard Drives for the Travel Photographer

This summer, as you kick your feet up and sip from an ice-cold drink, the last thing you want to worry about is storage. It can drive many people crazy to rely on a semi-mysterious device to keep all of the precious memories and photographs of their most recent excursion safe, especially as they go about their travels. Hopefully, this portable hard drive guide can demystify the selection process and help you truly relax during your well-earned vacation.

CE Week 2016: Portable Entertainment

CE Week kicked off in Manhattan this week, and B&H was on hand to test some of the latest and greatest products in portable entertainment. Brands big and small were there to showcase the products we’re likely to see in the hands and homes of consumers sometime in the near future. Here are some of the products that really caught our eye.

How to Back up all Your Family Photos to One Drive

Springtime is a chance to clean your house and its contents thoroughly, but it's easy to forget about cleaning your data. Picture each device you and your family own as a messy drawer, cabinet, wardrobe, closet, or room... that's locked. Now, if you're already trembling with anticipation, fear not. We'll help you get your life back on track with these tips about devices, storage, and you.

Replacing Hard Drives in Your Video Game System

In writing about various computer products, the question of storage is always at the top of one’s mind. Does this laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC have enough storage? Basically, it boils down to how much storage is enough and, inevitably, how do I get even more storage?

Imaging USA 2015: A Close Look at the Latest SanDisk Memory-Card Tech

From the trade room floor at Imaging USA 2015, Larry Becker, from KelbyOne Media, gets the low-down on the latest memory tech from SanDisk, including a 512GB capacity SD card and the new CFast 2.0 card format. Featuring a pin-less connection and speeds up to 500 Mbps, CFast is the next-generation of CompactFlash technology, suitable for high-resolution, high-bitrate video recording. SanDisk also shows some new connectivity products designed to let you offload and stream connect to mobile devices wirelessly, as well as a wired external hard drive for iOS devices.

Back to School: Portable Hard Drives

SanDisk Announces Extreme PRO SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Memory Cards

Billed as the world's fastest SD cards, these new memory cards use the latest high-performance SD specification, UHS-II, to offer up to 250MB/s write speeds for continuous burst-mode shooting and transfer speeds up to 280MB/s for optimized workflows.



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