External Hard Drives

by Steven Wong ·Posted
Whether you’re hiking through forests or trekking across the city, you can be assured that the portable PRO-G40 SSD from SanDisk Professional will keep your 4K videos, RAW photos, and other large files safe. Featuring 1TB and
by Steven Wong ·Posted
The newly launched line of SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE Enterprise-Class External Hard Drives provides video editors, content creators, and other professionals with the storage and speed for data-intensive projects. Available in capacities ranging from 4TB to 22TB using 7200 rpm Ultrastar hard drives, the latest G-DRIVE can reach read and write speeds between 250 Mb/s and 280 MB/s. With an
by Cory Rice ·Posted
Like so many other photographers and filmmakers working with high-resolution imagery, I never seem to have enough free storage on my external drives. Ever on the lookout for more space and faster transfer speeds, I was excited to try LaCie’s 18TB 1big Dock, a desktop powerhouse designed with creative workflows in mind. Could this be the next home for my archive?
by Steven Wong ·Posted
A single computer malfunction could wipe precious data such as family photos, home videos, and important business documents from your hard drive, so it is always a good idea to maintain backups. WD Elements Desktop External Hard Drives are the ideal solution for keeping archives for your data. Starting at 4TB, 6TB
by Christopher Witt ·Posted
This is the time of the year that we give and receive great gifts… and if you’re anywhere near the letters “B” and “H” in your Internet searches, you’ll probably be looking at electronics in some shape or form. Sadly, as great as all those electronic gadgets are, they tend to be hungry for power and you need to give some consideration to protecting them and all the information you cram into them. So, for your consideration, here is some gear to help you prepare for the inevitable storms that can wreak havoc on your electronics. Power First up
by Jill Waterman ·Posted
The best camera may very well be the one that’s with you, but how do you handle that endless stream of digital files generated from the insatiable need to document your life in pictures? A new tool to help you cope with this insurmountable data stream is ibi, the Smart Photo Manager from SanDisk. Named for the Latin term meaning, “there, in that place,” ibi lives in your home as a multi-faceted solution to help you collect, organize
by William Min ·Posted
If you’re looking to access your external hard drive without having to deal with the archaic method of lugging it around your home and plugging it into every device with which you need to use it, there are two simple solutions on how to share your external hard drive via your Wi-Fi network. For the first solution, you’ll need to check your router. Most modern routers have a USB port into which you can plug in a USB-compliant device to share with other devices on your network, like a printer or, in this case, an external hard drive. Once you’
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In an effort to better accommodate those who are working with the recording and editing of high track-count audio sessions, as well as those who are editing video or even just looking for external media on which to store generic files, Glyph Technologies has recently updated two of their product lines - the Studio mini and
by Tim Chan ·Posted
WD has just made it easier to color-coordinate your gear by adding to its My Passport line of portable drives. Instead of creating another single-color choice, WD has re-released the WD My Passport Ultra drives in a two-tone design, which comes in white on one side and gold on the other. For the always on-the-go crowd, you can also get the My Passport Ultra in black and gray to better match your camera equipment or