Tiffen Announces ND Filter Starter Kit for DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced

Great news for drone photographers: Tiffen has announced an all-new Filter Starter Kit designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced quadcopters. The kit includes three essential filters: two neutral density (ND) filters and a polarizer (PL). The included ND8 and ND16 filters are 3- and 4-stop filters, respectively.

Steadicam Volt from Tiffen: Stabilization for your Smartphone

We at B&H are pleased to announce the Steadicam Volt from Tiffen, which combines a mechanical balance type stabilizer with 3-axis electronic gyro stabilizer in a compact package, suitable for smartphones. Steadicam, which innovated camera stabilization, and has long been known for the mechanical balancing of cameras to create smooth, floating camera moves, has taken its time moving into electronic stabilization.

New Gear from Tiffen: More than Just Filters

We at B&H Photo are pleased to announce new gear from Tiffen, available now. Maintaining its commitment to optical filters, Tiffen has the Pro100 Series Camera Filter Holder with 77 mm Adapter Ring that allows you to mount two 100mm (4 x 4") filters onto a lens with a 77mm front filter ring.

9 of the Best Gifts for Photographer Moms

Here are some gift suggestions for the photographer mom, for Mothers Day, on B&H Explora.

10 Useful Filters for the Digital Age

Photographers who demand the best from their cameras will appreciate these 10 useful filters for the digital age.

Moving from Stills to Video: Helpful Tools

While you can definitely get by with the same kit you use for your still photography, video adds some additional concerns that require extra equipment. Now that you know a few basics about shooting video, or you should if you read the first part of this series, Getting Started, you will definitely want some of these helpful tools to step up your game.

The Still Photographer's Starter Video Kit

Thanks to the DSLR (and now mirrorless) revolution, video shooting has become extremely accessible to more and more individuals, especially the still photographer. Cameras today are emphasizing a combination of photography and video capabilities that produce images that are perfectly suitable for a gallery or movie theater. With many still photographers looking to dip their toes in the motion pool, we have put together the follow list of tools that can help greatly improve video quality.

The New Filters

The beauty of using lens filters is being one step closer to a final product before the image leaves the camera. These little modifiers allow photographers to capture a desired effect in the field, rather than sitting at a computer desk. Some, such as the coveted circular polarizer, employ corrections otherwise impossible to achieve in post processing.

High-Quality Product Shots Encourage Swift Online Sales

Sharp, clear, well-lit, and attractive images of the items you offer for sale online are the most crucial elements of successful online sales at sites such as eBay. High-quality images with excellent detail, accurate color balance, and plain, evenly lit backgrounds are much more likely to result in swift sales and may even help you acquire higher prices.

B&H Wedding Guide: A Photographer’s Pre-Shoot Checklist

If you’re new to the business of wedding photography, here are some suggestions on how to plan your coverage of the great event—what you should check out in advance, conversations that are helpful, and what you should do to ensure that your equipment is in tip-top shape.


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