Delkin microSD and SSDs: Fast, Reliable Storage


Digital storage has become an essential part of our everyday lives. For your computer, it is important to have fast, reliable storage for offloading content, while mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets require on-the-go storage to capture photos, video, save apps, games, and much more. Whether upgrading your computer’s storage or expanding the storage on your mobile device, Delkin Devices has the memory cards and solid-state drives to suit your needs. When upgrading your computer’s storage, Delkin Devices comes to bat with its Cinema SATA III 2.5" Internal SSDs, available in 512GB and 1TB capacities. Each drive comes in a 2.5" form factor and features SATA III connectivity, supporting data-transfer rates of up to 540 MB/s. In addition to the enhanced data transfer rates supported by these SSDs, each drive has been tested to work with Blackmagic and Cinema Cameras.

To expand the storage of your smartphone or tablet, or to capture 4K video using your DSLR, Delkin Devices offers a pair of 1900X UHS-II microSDXC Memory Cards in 64GB and 128GB capacities. Each card not only comes with a large storage capacity; they are designed to reduce the strain placed on your mobile devices’ batteries by up to 30%. Sporting the UHS Speed Class 3 certification, you benefit from a minimum data write speed of no less than 30 MB/s, making these Delkin Device memory cards suitable for capturing 4K video, burst photos, and much more. These U3-certified memory cards also support a 285 MB/s maximum data read speed and 100 MB/s maximum data write speed, making it easy to transfer large files in no time.  

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