HTC Releases the VIVE Pro 2 VR Headset for Hi-End PC-VR Gaming


HTC unveiled its latest VR headset in the prosumer space today with the release of the VIVE Pro 2. This second iteration in the VIVE Pro series delivers a drastic increase in optics, with higher resolution per eye, a wider FOV, and increased refresh rate, which solidifies the VIVE Pro 2 as a go-to headset for premium PC-VR content.

HTC VIVE Pro 2 VR Headset
HTC VIVE Pro 2 VR Headset

While the VIVE Pro 2 moves away from the VIVE Pro’s AMOLED displays, the new dual-stacked LCD screens bump the resolution up to 2.5K per eye or 5K combined, and the refresh rate from 90 to 120 Hz. To put the resolution increase in perspective, the previous VIVE Pro offered 1440 x 1600 resolution per eye (2880 x 1600 combined), and the VIVE Pro 2 now offers 2448 x 2448 per eye (4896 x 2448 combined).

This incredible increase in resolution should make current and future AAA VR titles look amazing, and offer crisp, easy-to-read text while in game or when using the VIVE Pro 2 in a virtual office environment. The 120 Hz bump further helps to smooth out visuals for a more natural experience when gaming, especially in fast-paced titles.

The dual-stacked lenses also work to widen the field of view to 120 degrees, versus the 110 degrees of the VIVE Pro. This additional 10 degrees further improves immersion in virtual worlds by letting you spot enemies and other content at the edges of your peripheral vision with increased acuity.

To ensure all this data is seamlessly delivered from your gaming PC to the headset, HTC incorporates Display Stream Compression and utilizes a DisplayPort 1.2 tethered connection. The VIVE PRO 2 also continues to rely on Base Stations for sub-millimeter precision tracking. Speaking of accessories, the VIVE Pro 2 will continue support for your existing VIVE Pro controllers and peripherals, in addition to the recently released VIVE Wireless Adapter and VIVE Tracker 3.0.

VIVE Wireless Adapter
VIVE Tracker (3.0)

Other important aspects of this new headset that carried over from the VIVE Pro include the comfort and audio features. The VIVE Pro 2 continues to include built-in Hi-Res-certified headphones with support for Hi-Res Audio and 3D spatial sound. The headset remains comfortable during long sessions by having its weight evenly distributed, along with a customized fit, thanks to an adjustable dial on the head support. The wide, foam-lined headset remains eyeglass-friendly and lets you fine-tune your IPD to make sure the new 5K optics look their best for your specific visual capabilities.

Whether you are new to VR gaming or a virtual reality veteran, the VIVE Pro 2 continues HTC’s tradition of providing bleeding-edge hardware to support the very best of what VR gaming has to offer.

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