iHome Introduces New Wireless Speakers and More


Your life is more connected than ever, and iHome has released a spate of Bluetooth wireless audio products to help you wake up, rock out, and go anywhere without cables holding you back. The iBN43 exudes a commanding presence on your bedside table, and its dual drivers command your attention with the help of iHome Reson8 speaker cabinets. An FM tuner, 3.5mm AUX line-in, and a USB charging port give you a multitude of connectivity options on the iBN43, as well as the iDL44, which adds a Lightning port and dock for charging your iPad or iPhone. If you prefer slumber to springing out of bed, the iM14 acts as a gigantic snooze button so you can catch some extra Zs. All come with the Sure Alarm battery backup that ensures you’ll wake up even if the clock loses power.

When you’re on the go, it pays to save space, which is why iHome offers mini Bluetooth speakers for every need, even one that clips to your hat! Whether you’re looking for a waterproof and dustproof boombox for a day at the beach, LED lights that dance to your music, or stereo speakers that divide and conquer, iHome has you covered. And since nobody wants to be caught with a dead smartphone battery, each member of the Kineta line of full-sized portable Bluetooth speakers comes with the K-CELL, an extra battery pack that can power the speaker or be removed to function as a stand-alone 2600mAh battery with USB port.