Mesmerizing, Naked-Eye 3D Views with the Sony Spatial Reality Display


Cast aside your 3D glasses and VR headset—with Sony's impressive new Spatial Reality Display, your eyes are all you need to view volumetric content in incredible detail. Available exclusively at B&H Photo, this 15.6" 4K display provides an instant 3D view even as your head tilts and your gaze follows the contours of your 3D creations.

The Spatial Reality Display monitor brings together Sony's history of cutting-edge visual tech and 3D advances, culminating in a luminous display featuring high-contrast images with incredible texture. A high-speed vision sensor, a proprietary, real-time rendering algorithm, and a micro optical lens are the three keys to this real-time 3D experience.

High-Speed 3-Axis Sensor

ELFD Technology

Sony’s Eye-Sensing Light Field Display (ELFD) technology employs a high-speed sensor that follows each of your eye’s movements by the millisecond, sensing each pupil’s position on three axes: horizontal, vertical, and depth. This enables the display to adjust the image to the position of your eyes, letting you view your content from top, bottom, and side positions, not just from head-on.

Lag-Free Rendering

Real-Time Rendering

The Spatial Reality Display uses a proprietary algorithm to process content in real time as it is displayed. This results in smoothly rendered images, even as you shift your gaze.

Stereo Imaging

Micro Optical Lens

Positioned exactly over the 15.6" LCD screen, a micro optical lens splits your images for right- and left-eye stereo viewing.

Integrated Workflow

Display features include an HDMI video input port, three speakers, a USB Type-C control port, and an 11.8 to 29.5" viewing distance. Ideal for either singular or collaborative creative endeavors, the Spatial Reality Display comes with a Sony SDK (software development kit) that is compatible with industry-standard Unity and Unreal Engine 4 platforms.

The Spatial Reality Display’s 3D abilities enable you, in effect, to present your team members with a window of options instead of a set frame. Let us know below how this mesmerizing new display from Sony enhances your 3D or workflow!