Wacom Bamboo Accessories for Artists, Writers, and Daydreamers


Writing and drawing on paper has been the norm for as far back as we can remember, but now in the digital age, more of us are opting for fancy touchscreen devices and accessories to digitize our ideas. Wacom has released a variety of styli and two “smartpads” to help users produce content. These styli include the Bamboo Solo, Duo, Omni, and Fineline 3 that range from a simple one-function stylus to a multi-featured one with helpful perks.

The Solo, as the name implies, is your standard stylus, with a replaceable carbon fiber tip and ergonomic triangular design. It’s compatible with most touchscreen devices and doesn’t require any batteries to function. The Duo, based on the Solo, however, has a black ballpoint pen on the opposite end, allowing you to use it with digital devices and paper. Those looking for a fancier option can consider the Omni for its twist design and fine tip. It needs charging, but won’t require app pairing. The Fineline 3 is made for iOS devices and pairs with your device via Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so you can take advantage of its single programmable button.

It used to be a hassle converting your hand-drawn pictures into a workable computer file. But now, with the Slate and Folio smartpad, the hard work’s done for you. These devices will digitize your notes and drawings so you can enhance and edit on a computer, which can then be exported in a variety of formats. They’re available in two different sizes, either holding A4 or A5-sized paper, and can sync with Cloud services such as Inkspace, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote. The difference between these is that the Folio has a foldable cover that doubles as a cover and a pocket for business cards. Should you forget your mobile device, don’t worry, because they can both store up to one hundred pages and sync them later on. With these, you’ll be able to sketch and write wherever and whenever you want without losing your ideas.