Easy-to-Transport HDR UHD 4K Projection with the LG HU80KA


If you’re looking for an HDR UHD laser projector that is portable enough to use in multiple rooms, then look no further than the LG HU80KA. Its built-in hand grip makes it easy to move from one room to another, and the auto-reel power cord helps ensure that you won’t trip over it while doing so; automatic keystone correction makes setup in the new location quick and easy. For added versatility, the unique form factor of the HU80KA enables it to either be stood upright or placed lying down.

The projector features a short-throw design, which allows you to set it up near your screen, wall, or other projection surface while creating images up to 150"; a 100" image is attainable from just 9.5' away, making this model apartment-friendly. With up to 2500 lumens of light output, images are visible even in moderately bright rooms. XPR technology enables the projector to create UHD 4K images with the aid of super-fast-shifting micromirrors in the optical block, and you’ll enjoy vibrant color with the projector’s HDR10 compatibility and appropriate content.

LG HU80KA XPR UHD Laser DLP Home Theater Projector

The HU80KA is also equipped with webOS smart TV functionality, making it the projector equivalent of a smart TV; the included Magic Remote makes it easy to browse and search for content via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Two HDMI inputs facilitate the connection of your Blu-ray player and cable/satellite box, and two USB ports allow you to play your digitally stored files or use a keyboard, mouse, or other compatible peripheral. Bluetooth connectivity lets you output the audio to your favorite Bluetooth speaker, or you can use the two built-in 7W speakers or connect to wired, powered speakers to the 1/8" audio output.

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