Just in Time for Summer, AC Infinity Keeps Our A/V Components Cool


With summer on the way, keeping cool is our number one priority. This is as true for our electronics as it is for ourselves; and AC Infinity products are here to keep your A/V components running at their optimal temperature, even if you’re not. The AIRCOM series is designed for cooling individual components, such as an A/V receiver or DVR. It features a rear-exhaust model, the T8, which moves up to 160 CFM of air with a 24 dBA noise level; and a top-exhaust model, the T9, which moves up to 210 CFM of air with a lower noise level of 21 dBA. Both models include a controller with support for up to six fans, and up to 30 lb of components can be placed atop the AIRCOM to conserve space.

Their AIRPLATE series is for whole-cabinet cooling, and is available in single- and dual-fan configurations. Each individual fan will move up to 52 CFM of air, and the dual-fan T7 model is only 1 dBA louder than the single-fan T3, at 19 dBA vs 18 dBA. Like the AIRCOM series, the AIRPLATE series features a controller module that supports up to six fans.

AC Infinity AIRPLATE T7 A/V Cabinet Dual-Fan Cooling System

The AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE series is for rack cooling and consists of the heavy-duty X7, which moves up to 224 CFM of air, with up to a 44 dBA noise level, and the medium-duty T7, which moves up to 130 CFM of air with a lower 24 dBA noise level. The X7 is well suited for applications where the fans won’t be heard, while the T7 is better suited for noise-sensitive installations, such as within a home theater room. Both models offer constant monitoring of temperature and control over the temperature and fan speed.

AC Infinity CLOUDPLATE T7 Rackmount Cooling Fan System

If you need help determining which cooling component is right for you, don’t sweat it; just come in to the B&H SuperStore, or you can speak with our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff over the phone at 800-606-6969, or via chat or email.