Stay Connected: New Devices and Tech for 2023



Samsung announced the SmartThings Station, a cost-effective smart home hub and fast charging pad. The hub will function as the “brain” of your smart home ecosystem, connecting and automating devices such as thermostats, lighting, power outlets, surveillance cameras, and more for customized presets and routines. What’s exciting about the SmartThings Station is that it will also support Matter-enabled devices for even more interoperability across smart products.


Speaking of interoperability, Philips announced that its Hue Sync TV app will now work with Samsung TVs from 2022 and later, for an immersive and customized lighting experience. The app synchronizes Hue lights with everything being shown on compatible Samsung televisions, from watching a movie to playing video games. Image resolutions up to 8K are supported.


After years of developing innovative HomeKit-enabled devices, Eve has pivoted toward Matter-over-Thread smart devices. With Matter-enabled devices, plug-and-play interoperability and platform independence are a reality for the revamped Eve Energy smart plug, along with the Eve Motion and Eve Door and Window sensors. All three devices will work with Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.


TP-Link unveiled a plethora of smart home products across its Tapo line, including Wi-Fi security cameras, along with Matter-enabled devices such as the Tapo H900 smart hub, smart plugs, smart switches, smart outlet extenders, and smart bulbs.

However, the standout device is the Tapo smart video door lock. The unit is a 3-in-1 device that functions as a door lock, a doorbell, and as an outdoor security camera. The door lock supports fingerprint, face recognition, app, password, and voice-assistant unlock methods. Additionally, users can lock and unlock the door from anywhere, set temporary user codes, view lock activity, and receive lock notifications, all from the Tapo app. The door lock’s embedded full-color doorbell features a real-time video intercom and a built-in 2K QHD super wide-angle camera to monitor your doorway 24/7.


With an always-on LTE connection, the new Garmin Dash Cam Live leaves you untethered from a Wi-Fi connection as the only way to upload footage from your dash cam. By signing up for the required LTE Vault subscription plan in the Garmin Drive app, you’ll have live viewing, access to saved videos, location tracking, and notifications like parking guard alerts and theft alerts.

The dash cam features a bright 3" LCD, 1440p recording resolution, a wide 140-degree field of view, voice control, traffic notifications, and forward collision and lane departure warnings.

Are you interested in any of the products mentioned above? Were there any smart home products announced at CES 2023 not mentioned here to which you’re looking forward? Do let us know in the Comments section, below.