Smart Home Accessories

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Matt Zefi shares five ways to improve your home entertainment setup. His tips will help transform your movie nights and big game watch parties. 0:00 - Introduction 0:25 - Short Throw Projector 1:21 - Speakers 1:49 - Apple TV and Google Chromecast 2:10 - Lighting 3:04 - Final Thoughts What sort of tech do you have in your home setup? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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Samsung Samsung announced the SmartThings Station, a cost-effective smart home hub and fast charging pad. The hub will function as the “brain” of your smart home ecosystem, connecting and automating devices such as thermostats, lighting, power outlets, surveillance cameras, and more for customized presets and routines. What’s exciting about the SmartThings Station is that it will also support Matter-enabled devices for even more interoperability across smart products. Philips Speaking of interoperability, Philips announced that its Hue Sync TV
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With wildly fluctuating weather conditions across the northeast United States and other parts of the world, perhaps it is the best time to enhance your smart home with an intelligent heating and cooling system. That’s one the reasons I decided to install a Google Nest Thermostat in my home, which is more affordable than the
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There’s no shortage of smart home tech these days. From light switches to thermostats, we’ve covered a great deal of it here at B&H. In fact, we’ve become spoiled by it. It’s no longer impressive to simply connect to the Internet and offer iPhone or Android control; manufacturers now have to push the envelope to get our attention. That’s the great thing about tech—it drives forward. Brilliant’s line of Smart Home Control
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Smart locks offer an alternative to the traditional lock. The traditional lock needs keys. Keys can get lost or stolen, and locks can be picked. Smart locks provide keyless entry, which means only people with access can enter the locked space. Expanding its keyless entry solutions, Yale has released three models of the Real Living Assure Lock Deadbolt. Up first is the Real Living Assure Lock Push Button Deadbolt. As the name implies, this
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Smarter than your average speaker, LG’s new offerings in the wireless speaker category feature some intelligent technology that sets them apart from the crowd. Part of the ThinQ line, the WK7 and WK9 feature Google Assistant and Chromecast built in.
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Honeywell is here to make energy-saving temperature control for your home easy and intuitive, while delivering all the latest features you could need, with the Lyric T5 and RTH9585WF Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostats.