ARRI Launches Impressive and Modular SkyPanel X LED System

ARRI Introduces the Super-Versatile, Infinitely Modular SkyPanel X

Add super-versatile, top-of-the-line fixtures to your lighting setup using ARRI's new SkyPanel X series. Debuting at IBC 2023, the SkyPanel X produces a unique round beam from an LED panel and functions as a native soft light and a native hard light. Each weatherproof 2x1 LED panel can be linked seamlessly in a modular system where multiple heads work and are controlled as one light.

ARRI SkyPanel X
ARRI SkyPanel X

Developed using feedback from industry professionals, including gaffers, DPs, electrics, and console operators, the SkyPanel may well turn out to be the only panel light you'll need. Features like a 20x greater output than typical soft lights, extended color-temperature range, optimized low-end dimming, and 8 pixel zones per panel make it ideal for interior and exterior feature sets, broadcast studios, stage lighting, and visual effects. New ARRI ALEXA modes and a Digital Twin mode for Unreal Engine enable the SkyPanel X to offer perfect synchronization for Virtual Production uses.

Native Hard Light

ARRI SkyPanel X with HyPer Optic for native hard light

Use the SkyPanel X's native HyPer Optic lens to produce punchy, maximum output for direct key, overhead, backlight, and beam effects for cine-style production. The HyPer Optic lens concentrates the output into a single-source hard shadow, significantly amplifying the light intensity. The SkyPanel X can be bounced or even be used in an open-face configuration, thanks to the protected, direct-mount LEDs on the front of the panel. This RGBA, full-spectrum 1500-20,000K light has 8 pixel zones per panel with saturated colors and fully separated sections that can be used for impressive creative effects.

Native Soft Light

SkyPanel X - soft light experience

When used with its included X21 Dome, the SkyPanel X creates a softer look that can be further modified with new DoPchoice and Chimera components like soft boxes, grids, and snoots. Add the separately available S60 Adapter to use existing SkyPanel accessories, including diffusers, beam modifiers, cutters, and soft boxes. Use the flicker-free, low-end default dimming modes for subtle closeups or the High Output mode for a brighter look. Thanks to its modular design, you can assemble the SkyPanel X in 2:1, 2:2, or 2:3 panel configurations for wide-aperture, soft lighting over a greater area.

Multi-Unit Arrays and Infinite Modularity

SkyPanel X - modular experience

The Twin Quick Lock enables SkyPanel X units to be connected in multi-unit arrays for hard or soft output over wider footprints. Pre-packaged units include the single-panel X21, the dual-panel X22, and the triple-panel X23. When setting up, breaking down, or assembling arrays, you can detach the panel from its yoke easily with a simple pull of the lever―no tools required. A built-in power supply on the back of each unit reduces the cabling needed and simplifies the SkyPanel X's footprint on set.


ARRI SkyPanel X application

Wide connectivity options for the SkyPanel X include panel, Bluetooth, and wireless LumenRadio DMX functions. The dual power, Ethernet, and 5-pin DMX ports on each panel enable easy daisy-chaining for new or upgraded studio-wide setups, and legacy DMX control options offer comfortable familiarity for many crew members.

Weatherproof Build

The all-weather SkyPanel X

The SkyPanel X's durable, IP66-rated construction means it is dust-tight and impervious to rain and jets of water, enabling it to stand up to the elements, extending its life cycle, and simplifying cleanup after messy usage.

For more information about this new professional LED panel light, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the ARRI SkyPanel X. Or drop us a line below, and we'll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.