Enhanced Light Shaping with New Tools for the ARRI Orbiter LED Luminaire


Thanks to the introduction of several new accessories, the brilliant Orbiter LED Luminaire from ARRI has become more versatile and capable of being your primary workhorse. For one, the Orbiter Docking Ring enables the use of third-party optics to shape and diffuse the light in your scene. Second, omnidirectional lighting has gotten noticeably brighter and significantly smaller with the Dome Mini. Next, there’s now a safe way to flood your set with unaltered light with the open-face and highly translucent Glass Cover. Finally, the inflatable, tubular Bag-o-Light is designed to illuminate close-ups with a glow that can only be described as heavenly.

Orbiter LED Luminaire
Orbiter LED Luminaire

Third-Party Compatibility: Orbiter Docking Ring

Gaffers have spoken and ARRI has listened; third-party optics can now be attached to the luminaire via the Orbiter Docking Ring, available in the standard black or a blue-black limited Beta edition. This adapter secures into the proprietary Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) and locks around your third-party optic with a swivel bracket and thumbscrew. The Docking Ring has a 5-pin digital optics interface for electronic communication and a low-noise cooling fan to keep the luminosity at full blast for extended periods of time.

Intense, Compact Omnidirectionality: Orbiter Dome Mini

Compared with its larger, cloth-based omnidirectional counterparts, this small, rigid optic shines brighter and requires significantly less space. Its highly translucent material alters the photons’ trajectories into a 180-degree illumination pattern without fabric’s typical dimming effect. This indoor/outdoor optic maintains the Orbiter’s IP24 rating of weather resistance.

Unhindered Luminosity: Orbiter Glass Cover

When space is at a premium yet you need the brightness of a thousand splendid suns, the Orbiter Glass Cover fits the bill. Think of this as what you’d use if you wanted to strip down the luminaire as much as possible, with neither diffusion nor shaping optics, just uninhibited light. Its clear, translucent glass is designed to have a minimal effect on either the luminosity or color of the light emitted from the LEDs inside. This component is sturdy and compact enough to replace the standard Orbiter Transport Cap Cover.

The Shadow Eliminator: Bag-o-Light

Best suited for close-ups, this inflatable attachment provides a soft radiance, illuminating nearly all facial shadows. Blowing up into a long tube, this diffusor attaches to the standard 15-degree Open Face optic, transforming the light from a concentrated beam into an ultra-wide glow. Transportation and storage are incredibly convenient, and it weighs less than two pounds.

ARRI is known for designing products that break through the limitations corralling the industry, providing DPs with the tools needed to expand the boundaries of cinema. With these new accessories, the Orbiter LED Luminaire can now accomplish what was previously out of reach, an even finer tuning of the shape, luminosity, color, and diffusion of light. For productions with extremely specific shots in mind, particularly when there isn’t much room to spare on location, these additions are a welcome and essential addition to the DP’s bag of tricks.

Have these items been on your wish list since you first picked up your Orbiter LED Luminaire? If you’re excited about adding these key accessories to your toolkit, let us know how you plan to put them in action! Inspire us in the Comments below!