Godox Brings on the Brightness with SLIII Bi-Color Monolights


Godox has added three new Bi-Color LED Monolights to its already impressive lineup of lighting products: the SL150III BI, SL200III BI, and the SL300III BI. Promising high color fidelity, seamless control, and a variety of FX effects, these monolights present enormous creative potential to bring to your next shoot.

With many of the same specs across the SLIII series, the distinguishing factor among these monolights is their output. The SL1500III BI can achieve 90,500 Lux with the included reflector, while the SL200III Bi and SL300III Bi can reach 95,400 Lux and 120,000 Lux with reflectors, respectively.

Convenience is a key theme with this SLIII series, because Godox offers three different controlling options for maximum efficiency. Light intensity is stepless and adjustable from 0% to 100% with controls either on the light itself, or remotely via either the included RC-R9 remote or the Godox app on your smartphone.


Additionally, these monolights boast color ranges between 2800-6500K, enabling users to match other lights and ambient light on set with ease. Faithful light matching is made easier with the Godox Light App, which contains intuitive controlling to achieve the right color in a snap.

The touted high color fidelity really hammers this point home, with high CRI and TLCI ratings of 96/97 for capturing truly natural results that will save time when editing in post-production.

Creatives looking to apply special effects can choose from nine simulated lighting scenarios. With options like a flickering bulb, the glow of a television, and a rumbling storm, these monolights can bring the drama to any scene.


Of course, the question remains if the SLIII series will be compatible on your set. The monolights notably have a silent mode that can be switched on to avoid that pesky fan noise when shooting quiet scenes. The included 360° U-shaped yoke provides incredible flexibility for angling the light the way you want to see it, while the equipped Bowens mount means any of the SLIII Bi lights will play nice with most modifiers and accessories.

Offering many useful features to enhance your creative output, the SLIII Bi-Color Monolights are worth checking out if you're looking for some powerful new additions on set.

Are you excited about Godox's SLIII Bi-Color Monolight series? What are some key qualities you look for when shopping for a new light? Let us know in the Comments section, below.


How does this brightness of 120000 lux equate to a 650watt tungsten hot light?

Unfortunately, Godox does not list a tungsten-equivalent output of the Godox SL300IIIBI Bi-Color LED Monolight, and lux output does not directly translate to wattage as wattage is a measurement of power, whereas lux is a measurement of brightness. That being said, if I had to guess, I would say it may have an equivalent output of approximately 1,250- to 1,500-watt tungsten light fixture.