Size Matters: TTL Battery-Powered Impact Venture Monolight


While battery-powered monolights have slowly but surely taken over the industry, Impact has taken it a step further to develop the super-compact Venture TTL-600 Monolight, a lightweight option that can boast about its impressive 600Ws output. The Venture measures just 8.9" long and just 4.1" in diameter, making it easily storable in your camera bag or carry-on. Combine this with its ability to run on Lithium-ion battery packs and be controlled wirelessly with TTL-compatible remotes, and you have a unit that will be exceedingly useful for even your most adventurous shoots.

Impact Lithium-Ion Battery for Venture TTL 600

Getting into the fine details of this monolight, we find exceptional speed and power. For speed, it has a Quick Mode with a short flash duration of 1/455 to 1/19,500 of a second for freezing fast action. It will recycle in about 1.2 seconds, as well. The Power Mode, on the other hand, increases output while maintaining a quite fast 3-second recycle time. Users can take further control over the light by manually selecting a setting within the wide 8-stop power range.

For users looking for advanced TTL control, the Venture TTL-600 is equipped with a radio receiver that is compatible with dedicated TTL remotes for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. These operate on a powerful 2.4 GHz frequency with a range of 300'. The monolight also features nine channels, 100 personal IDs, and control for up to three groups of lights—and it opens the door for high-speed sync at up to 1/8,000-second, second-curtain sync, and more.

Impact Venture Wireless Controller for Sony

Photographers will appreciate a Digital Color-Correction Circuit that maintains accurate color within ± 50K regardless of the selected power setting. An adjustable 15W LED modeling lamp is available for previewing the final look of your lighting setup. It comes with a tilting stand mount and a pistol grip handle for setting up the Venture TTL-600 in a wide variety of places.

Impact Venture Hex Softbox (32")

What good is a versatile, powerful monolight without the ability to accept modifiers? Well, the Venture has this covered with a Comet-style adapter mount, as well as an included Comet-to-Bowens adapter. This makes it immediately compatible with a range of modifiers from a variety of manufacturers. Included is a frosted glass dome for that bare-bulb look and making the most of your light shapers. Those seeking dedicated accessories will be pleased by the current selection, including a 14" Deep Dish Reflector with Diffuser, a 14" Grid for the Deep Dish Reflector, a 32" Hex Softbox, and a Snoot with built-in 40° grid. If you want to get started right away with a complete setup, B&H has put together the following kits for Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras that include a Venture monolight with a TTL wireless controller, the 32" hex softbox, and a spare Lithium-ion battery pack.


This flash looks very interesting to me, amazing specs with an incredible price. But I am curious about the flashtube. Does Impact make a replacement, and does B&H sell it?? I could not bring any Monolight with me on a paid job without a replacement flash tube in my bag. I hope to hear back, thank you!

Hi Dustin,

The flashtube is user-replaceable. I will try and track down the exact model and how to purchase it and get back to you soon!

Following up. It looks like we don't carry it yet, but hopefully soon! At the moment you would have to contact Gradus directly and they would be able to help you out.