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Swedish brand Profoto, a legendary name in the photo world, is releasing the L1600D Mono-LED, a compact, versatile LED COB light built for professional and demanding cinema production environments. This fixed 5700K light can be used as a key or fill on set and in studio work, with a CRI of 97 and a max power draw of 1600W. The L1600D has dual mounting options, Profoto and Bowens, for use with virtually any stand, as well
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Even with “Pro” built into its brand identity, Profoto still takes care to explicitly define certain lights as professional products designed for commercial, industrial, and other demanding scenarios by giving them the “Pro” moniker. Right now, the pinnacle of Profoto’s flash line is the Pro-11—a power pack that is as impressive as it is expensive—and unfortunately out of reach of many photographers. Enter the Profoto Pro-D3 Monolight
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Sarah Edmunds has mastered the art of lighting her portraits. Edmunds unravels the secrets behind the perfect shot by exploring the nuances of using 1, 2, and 3 lights in portrait, fashion, and wedding photography. Whether you're in studio or outdoors, her techniques will help you better light your images. 0:00 - Introduction 1:23 - About Edmunds 4:56 - Gear 8:00 - Why is Lighting Important? 9:06 - Simple Guidelines 11:20 - Shaping Light (aka "Quality of Light") 18:54 - One-Light Indoor Portraits 27:55 - Two Lights 31:10 - Three Lights 35:36
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Godox Ambassador Sarah Edmunds has mastered capturing a wedding's candid moments with impeccable lighting, all thanks to off-camera flash. In this presentation, Edmunds shows you how to bring that polished, in-studio look on location, from lighting placement to lighting your group shots. 0:00 - About Edmunds 8:06 - Gear List 11:00 - Light Shaping 11:52 - Camera Settings 15:16 - Direction, Diffusion, Distance 18:41 - Ambient Light (No Flash) 24:41 - Enhanced Light (Flash with Ambient) 41:00 - Bringing it Together 43:35 - Q&A Are you a
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The Sony a9 III makes it possible to sync your flash at any shutter speed (even up to 1/80000 of a second)! Matt Zefi explains how the a9 III's global shutter allows you to freeze the action. 0:00 - Introduction 0:11 - Rolling vs. Global Shutter 1:26 - What do you think? What do you think of the a9 III? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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Photography is often described as painting with light, and understanding how to manipulate light effectively is a fundamental skill for any photographer. While natural light has its place, using strobes and lighting modifiers can give you greater control over your lighting conditions, especially for product photography. Having a solid understanding of basic lighting gear and lighting modifiers will introduce you to simple yet effective lighting techniques, helping you take your product photography to new dimensions. Understanding Strobes
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Zhiyun just announced its MOLUS series, which joins the ranks of the brand’s robust compact lighting catalogue. These new Bi-Color Mini COB Monolights come in G60 and X100 flavors, denoting their respective 60W and 100W of power output. Available
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Join Jabari Holder in the studio as he breaks down a three-point lighting setup in less than five minutes. He explains why a basic lighting technique is perfect for interviews, talking-head shots, YouTube videos, portrait photography, and more. What is your go-to lighting setup? 0:00 - Introduction 0:21 - Initial Tips 0:55 - Key Light 2:12 - Fill Light 2:41 - Hair Light 2:58 - Additional Tips 3:12 - The Possibilities 3:49 - Final Thoughts Shop the SmallRig RD350B/D & RC450B/D at B
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Westcott Light Ambassador Ian Spanier demos the Westcott FJ200 strobe on location. Spanier demonstrates how to utilize strobe lights outdoors and how to work with ambient light. 0:00 - Introduction 2:11 - Go In With a Plan 4:46 - About the Westcott FJ200 10:21 – Spanier’s Plan 13:08 - High-Speed Sync Explained 16:07 - Setup: Working With the Sunlight 24:42 - Start of the Demo: Adjusting Meter Settings 28:27 - Breaking Down the
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Westcott Top Pro Eli Infante goes in-depth about balancing flash with ambient light. He also offers details on the best gear you can use to achieve extraordinary results. 0:00 - Introduction 1:58 - About Eli and How He Got Started 4:18 - Why Off-Camera Flash? 6:01 - Equipment 8:48 - High-Speed Sync Explained 20:06 - Camera Settings 28:16 - Power Output on Flash 32:47 - Ambient Exposure 34:34 - Light Patterns 40:56 - Control the Light 45:39 - Preparing for the Shoot 47:03 - Light Deconstruction 56:01 - Final Thoughts 58:41 - Q&A Sponsored
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Improving upon its already popular Elinchrom ONE flash kits, released in August 2021, we are excited to announce Elinchrom’s latest battery-powered monolight, the Elinchrom FIVE. With a bevy of upgrades to power, speed, and control, the FIVE demonstrates that the ONE, a travel-ready monolight with a tiny footprint, was just the beginning.
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Profoto has created a world where studio-quality lighting can be used virtually anywhere with the new, ultra-compact A2 Flash Head. Capable of producing 100Ws of power while taking up about as much space as a can of soda, the A2 can be easily handheld, mounted on a stand, or rigged in creative ways impossible with larger, heavier lights. Add compatibility with Profoto’s
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Nanlite has cranked up the power of the Forza line of monolight-style LEDs with the new, daylight-balanced Forza 720 and bicolor 720B. The new lights feature the same build quality and customization options as their predecessors, while rivaling the output of
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Often, we need to add extra light to a scene to ensure we have enough light to create an image, freeze movement, or simply enhance the scene for the sake of the photograph. The primary way photographers do this is by using a flash. The electronic flash has been around since 1931 and, today, there are several variations—all with different potential uses for the photographer. Here, we will take a quick look at the types, compare them, and discuss the benefits of each type. Terminology Basics Before we dive into flash types, let’s get familiar
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Chosen for their power and valued for their efficiency, monolights have long served as the light source of choice for portrait photographers. Whether working in studio or on location, these all-in-one strobes can play nearly any role in a lighting setup. Add the wide range of modifiers available to shape their output, and it becomes hard to think of a more valuable lighting tool in the portrait studio. This article introduces the equipment you will need to get up and running