New Trail Cameras from Browning


This summer, you can scout your game lands and learn the habits of your local wildlife with a line of new trail cameras from Browning. All shoot photos with up to 20MP resolution and capture 1080p video with sound when triggered by motion as far as 80 feet away. All use infrared flash at night, so as not to spook game. The Spec Ops Edge has an 80-foot flash range, the Recon Force Edge has a 120-foot range, and the Defender Wireless has both: 80 feet for the no-glow IR flash and 120 feet for the low-glow option. As its name suggests, the Defender Wireless also uses the Verizon cellular network to send photos and video clips to your phone, tablet, or computer, via Browning’s easy-to-use mobile app. Monthly plans start at $12.99. All three cameras fire almost instantly in response to movement and as fast as 0.2 seconds for the Spec Ops Edge and Recon Force Edge, and 0.3 seconds for the Defender Wireless. You can set the cameras to take one or multiple pictures each time they’re triggered, and program a delay so you don’t waste power and memory taking repeated images of the same deer. Find the model that suits you, strap it to a tree, and see what (or who) is active on your property or hunting grounds. (Yes, they’re great security surveillance cameras, too).

Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera