Pouch and Sleeve Keep Your Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS Safe


The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a compact, waterproof personal signaling device that could save your life while diving or boating. It requires no special or dedicated base unit, registration, subscription, or service fee, and can transmit a distress signal to any commercial ship and most yachts within 34 miles of your position. Its built-in GPS can pinpoint your position to within 4.9'. It will run for up to five years on two CR123A batteries. The unit is depth-rated to 450', so you can have it with you while you dive, but the cap must be opened at the surface.

Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS

Two great options make it easy to have the Marine Rescue GPS at the ready during your diving and boating activity: the Neoprene Pouch, which features a twist-lock closure to keep the GPS unit securely inside and comes with a lanyard, and the Silicone Sleeve, which also guards the GPS unit from damage and has a built-in belt loop that keeps it handy, yet out of the way.

Nautilus GPS Neoprene Pouch